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A vacation for a family of 6 requires at least a month of planning and strategizing- and that’s just for the packing. I first start with a list in my head, which quickly has to get transferred to paper because I’m 39 now, and I forget. Lists then get separated by kid, then by general family needs. As I walk around the house and see things in closets and cupboards, I pull them out and start piles so I don’t forget to add those items to the lists. From lists, I go into laundry, which could take an entire week to get everyone caught up in my house. After laundry, any trips to the mall or drug store for last minute items I wouldn’t be able to find at our destination, or don’t want to be bothered with having to look for when we get there. I even have a strategy behind how I actually pack the bags and how the items belonging to who goes where. In the back of my mind I know exactly how much can fit in suitcase before it reaches the magic 50lb weight, and exactly how many carry-ons my family can handle without losing one. Every person’s identification and ticket or seat is accounted for, rooms are confirmed and re-confirmed, tickets for attractions pre-purchased and reservations for meals are set. Now if I could just have someone pack and organize for me personally while I do it all for everyone else. That would be awesome.

family travel collage

You know what else would be awesome? Knowing someone was looking out for me the way I look out for my family’s most precious items: blankies, special sipppy cups, superhero toys, iPads, headphones, American Girl Dolls the list goes on and on. Of course, my number one concern is their safety and happiness, so often times I forget about me and mine.

Family Travel Pic

With all the commotion of getting our large party from one place to the next and ensuring we leave with what we came with, it is so easy for me to forget something little like my Tiffany’s silver band my husband gave me on our 10th wedding anniversary that I wear every day. Or my diamond earrings I wear daily, but take out every night before I go to bed. My husband always seems a little more relaxed and absentminded on vacation, and sometimes haphazardly puts his Rolex somewhere, then blames the twins on its temporary loss.

tiffanys necklace

When we are at home, we have a routine, we have places for things and habits about where we put them. When traveling, things can get a bit confused and lost in the change of environment. I have started being very particular about the jewelry I carry with me on trips no matter if we are going to a 5-star resort or a roadtrip to the mountains. I do my best to whittle it down to the absolute necessities: my earrings, wedding ring, Tiffany’s band, and watch. That amount right there, though may look simple on, costs about the amount of what one year of college tuition for one of my kids at a private university. Even some of my costume jewelry would sicken me if it was stolen. Good costume, every day jewelry is not cheap! Nor is it easy to replace when the pieces are the exact fit or really finish off the outfit. It also not possible to replicate sentiment.

alex and ani bangles kate spade earrings

All of the above is a big reason why I started taking the idea of traveling with my jewelry more seriously. Up until a few months ago, I would shove my necklaces, bracelets and earrings into one big jewelry bag. And, it was usually one that the store gave me; not at all the appropriate way to handle items I just described above. Occasionally, I would lose or forget something at the hotel. Honestly, the way I took care of it, I wouldn’t even know if someone stole something from me. Then I would get home and the items would still stay a tangled mess in the bag until I needed it for the next occasion- if I was lucky enough to remember where I left it.

I was given a Vera Bradley Travel Jewelry Organizer that has the perfect amount of pouches and pockets and zippers for me to carry exactly what I need. My necklaces don’t get tangled, my earrings don’t get left behind, and my rings have a secure place to live until the next time. It’s totally great, don’t get me wrong, but now I have the “What if” factor looming. What if someone steals my whole bag? What if one of my kids gets into the bag and something gets accidentally removed or falls out? What if I forget the bag in the safe in my room?

vera bradley travel jewelry organizer

This is where a personal  jewelry insurance policy, like one from Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company becomes my back up plan, aka: the one who is looking out for me. With a jewelry insurance policy through Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance from Mutual Insurance Company, traveling with some of your favorite pieces offers a peace of mind and less stress to enjoy the journey and the destination. Some benefits of a Perfect Circle personal jewelry insurance policy include:

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Tips for Traveling with Jewelry:

    1. Only bring the pieces you absolutely need or must have with you.
    2. Be sure to keep them organized in a jewelry bag specifically made for travel.
    3. Lock up your jewelry in your in-room safe, or ask your hotel’s front desk if they have an on-site safe for securing extremely valuable items.
    4. Purchase a personal jewelry insurance policy, like Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to cover any accidental loss or theft.

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