Did you hear that Disney is releasing Beauty and the Beast in 3-D this month?  This is quite an exciting event for us at our house because my daughter is obsessed with Belle.  She loves Tangled as well, which is also exciting because along with the 3-D version, a new Tangled short will be shown.

I know it’s a little risky to say that my daughter loves the Disney princesses, being that we have entered into the realm of teaching our girls self-sufficiency, independence and the fact that there is no real life Prince Charming, but I have to say that sometimes, I poo-poo that theory.  Yes, I get the whole romantic vision of the Cinderella wedding and the prince sweeping her off her feet can be, well, a little unrealistic.  But, we have also learned some pretty valuable lessons from these princesses, too.

1.  Cinderella taught us to be kind and respectful.  To always keep sight of your dreams.  That life is full of setbacks, and it’s how you handle them that will determine your success.

2.  Belle taught us being pretty is a bonus, but an education and standing up for what we believe is most important.  And, to love unconditionally, not for what we can only see on the outside.

3. Tangled reminds me of acceptance.  She could have lived a horribly ugly life being a beautiful girl trapped in a tower for 18 years, however, she chose to embrace her life.  She accepted where she was at, and made the most out of it while never giving up on her dreams.

These are my top 3 princesses.  The ones who I have loved for years, and the one I have come to adore (Tangled).  They are the same three that my daughter also loves.  Perhaps, we are looking too close at what they are not, and instead just enjoy their entertainment value.  When my daughter tells me she loves Belle because her and Belle both love to read, I’m not going to discourage her love of this Disney princess.  I can see where little girls may pick up on the wrong ideas- attitude, beauty, riches, a handsome prince- as being their reason to want to be a princess.  I think it’s all a matter of perspective and how we choose to guide our daughters in highlighting what’s so great about the princess they can identify with.  It’s good to have role models, and as we may have learned at some point in our lives, not all role models are perfect.  Even the ones that aren’t human.

In the meantime, I’m going to take my daughter to see a beautiful story about a girl and a beast, about true love, inside and out.  About strength, courage, possibilities and belief.  And, we are going to sing our hearts out and love every minute of it!  I hope you do, too!