Really, we should be celebrating Earth Day every day, but it’s a nice reminder once a year to make sure we are all doing our part to help out Mother Earth. Or, we are learning new tips or how we can support already established company’s initiatives for conservation. It’s great to hear that companies are not only working to be conscience with the amount of resources they are using, like energy, water and fuel, but also seeking out innovative ways to make the resources available work for them and for us by being conscience about the bottom line. It’s a great feeling to learn the resourceful ways in which they are saving on their end, helps our pocket books! Cox Communications has shared information with me on their Cox Conserves campaign, jut in time to share it with my readers we we launch into Earth Week.

I love it when companies share their Earth friendly insights. I get stuck in my daily routine and it’s nice to have some different ideas, and inspiration injected into my old ways of thinking. Plus, conservation tips change quite frequently, with the evolution of new equipment, inventions, and concepts. It’s always great to check in with companies, like Cox Communications, who have their finger on the pulse of these actions. You can visit their Cox Conserves website for all kinds of tips, but here are some of my favorite:

  • Instead of an aerosol air freshener, douse cotton balls with oils, such as lavender, citrus and rosemary, and tuck them around the house.
  • Baking soda and lemon are natural alternatives to chemical cleaners.
  • Avoid using non-native plants that may be invasive in your area.
  • Use the hotel van instead of renting a car, or share a taxi.
  • Participate in hotel linen programs, or let the hotel know that it’s not necessary to change your sheets and towels every day.
  • When you leave your hotel room, turn off the AC/heat, lights, TV and radio. Close the drapes.
  • Make the most of natural lighting by opening the blinds.
  • Use hand-dryers rather than paper towels.
  • If you have to print a document or email, just print the text you need.

Additionally, Cox Communications has asked me to help spread the word about their conservation efforts in specific cities throughout the United States.  I love this Alternative Energy solution they have implemented in several states:

Cox actively identifies opportunities to harness solar energy and employ fuel cell technology. Overall, Cox annually prevents more than 17,400 tons of greenhouse gases from entering the environment through its alternative energy projects.

To date, the company has completed alternative energy projects in:

• Arizona
• California
• Georgia
• New Jersey
• Oregon

These programs are not only good for the environment – they’re good for the bottom line.

I, for one, appreciate the efforts Cox Communications is making to preserve our resources for now and for future generations. Learn more about the Cox Conserves program by visiting their website. You can also follow them on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube.

This post was compensated by Cox Communications, however, all thoughts, words and opinions are my own.