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Two of my best girlfriends and I hit the town last weekend. We always get together to celebrate our birthdays as they are spread apart perfectly….March, June, September…then come the holidays and a little downtime in January before things start to pick up again. It is one way to guarantee that we see each other at least once a quarter. Especially now that we are moving through our thirties pretty quickly and have growing families, these birthday celebrations become something we seriously look forward to. An escape from being the disciplinarian, the walking burp cloth, the feeding machine…it gives us time to plan a shower into our day, an outfit into our wardrobe, and check off our list of new places we want to try. Not to mention just blowing off some steam, sipping some cocktails and having some good old fashioned girl time!

Our Marchie chose Beso, in the Crystals at CityCenter, to chow down at. We were all so excited because none of us had been there before. And, I must say, it was quite divine. We started off with cocktails, a Strawbelini with fresh muddled strawberries, a classic Cadillac Margarita, and this amazing drink that was our absolute favorite and not listed on their website (it was made with vodka, blood orange juice, and chili peppers)…all priced at $15. For appetizers we chose the Lobster Cocktail ($25), Eva’s Avocado Guacamole ($10) and a delicious beet salad, again, not on their on-line menu. Four our main courses, September had the salmon ($31), March had the fillet with blue cheese crust ($34 + $8), and I chose the bone-in fillet ($50)…my new favorite steak, along with a side of Mac-n-Cheese ($9). Dessert was divine…Cinnamon Dusted Churros and Baked Alaska both $8 each. The room was beautiful, LEED, trendy, hip, chic…all that jazz, and we had an excellent waiter, Ahmed, who was funny, flirty and took his knowledge of the menu very seriously. He made some fantastic recommendations, and gave us a ton of insight into the meats and how items were prepared. It really made our night. If you are looking for a special high-end dinner with the girls, friends, or your SO, I would most definitely recommend Beso.

But on to more important things, and why we are here! Kiki d’s.

If you have been following my blog, you may recall an entry I did honoring my RockStarHubby. In that post, I talked about how he would bring me home lingerie from this shoppe in the Crystals…that spot is the infamous Kiki de Montparnasse. My Marchie friend is married to RSH’s BFF, and the weekend prior, we went out to dinner to celebrate the guys’ 40th birthday. At that dinner, we started talking about my weekend with the girls, and how we stumbled into Kiki d’s. My girlfriend said, “I want to go,” and that was that. RSH was on the BlackBerry texting his contact there, letting them know the three of us would be coming by after our dinner on Friday night. We sent a text to our September friend, and we penciled it in.

I”m not writing about this to talk about my sex life, or theirs. I’m writing this because we had such a fun time…it was classy and grown up and sexy and totally girlie. I became a huge fan, and totally appreciate this store and what it does for people’s relationships…this sex shoppe is in a whole new class. I’ve been to Amsterdam and L.A., hell, I live in Vegas…I’ve been in your average run-in-the-mill sex shop. This is a boutique and it is not to be confused with those scuzzy super stores where all things sex is crammed into one place and in the next room over are some peep shows, and you are afraid to touch the fixtures…you know what I mean. Be open to the experience…if anything, get an update on your sex education course from high school, and enjoy the ride! (no pun intended…maybe?)

When we walked in, we were greeted by their best sales girl, in my opinion, Tif. Cute, petite, red-head with a wealth of information. She is extremely professional, yet personable and reads her customers like a book. With that being said, all the girls in there are lovely, my own experience has been with Tif, and I find her to be pretty amazing for being able to talk candidly about sex toys like she was selling me a new gadget for my stroller or diaper bag. She handed us all a glass of champagne, offered us some chocolate covered strawberries, and showed us into the backroom where she suggested we have some fun with dress up and photos. The backdrops, also doubling as displays, in the back were terrific…a lighted mirror, a tempting bed with crisp white sheets and down comforter topped with two pillowcases, one inviting you to “Sleep” the other…well, use your imagination, and a leather riding chair (yes, I said riding chair). She had smaller props like a top hat, masks, whips, feathers, a business man’s shirt, a corset…and with the champagne going directly to our heads, we relaxed a little and had some fun taking group photos and photos for our men. We looked through the gorgeous lingerie and tried on a few things. Tif showed us the Couples Dressing Room where you can have an intimate fashion show for your SO (no touching allowed). We were starting to get giddy…so she brought us into the main area of the store to the Jewelry Bar.

The jewelry is amazing. She eased us into some pieces, like the sleek pinkie rings in gold, rose gold and silver, some with diamonds, some without, some with sayings like, “Je t’aime” which was my favorite, and another saying for the sassier shopper. Then she busted out with the Pearls. A 10’strand of fresh water pearls, that she beautifully draped down my back and around my shoulders and explained they were body jewelry. Then with two swift movements, she had my wrists restrained and was showing me how quickly they could change to something even sexier.


From there, she moved us over to the Toy Display, where she once again, filled our glasses with champagne (man, she’s good!) and sat us down on comfy leather bar stools. She went through each and every one of the items in the case, never grimacing or blushing. She answered all of our little school girl questions, then as we became more confident, started laughing at our jokes. (They were big girl jokes!) I’m not sure if the champagne was a ploy to loosen us up so we could start to envision sex as something romantic and fun versus the act you do in order to have children, or so we would be more apt to throw down our credit cards without wincing at the prices. Probably a little of both. After having been in there for an hour, the store was starting to get busy, and it was almost midnight. We were feeling relaxed and flirty…for 60 minutes, we forgot about our real lives and were living in the moment of being the sexy goddesses our husbands fell in love with ten years ago. We didn’t have stretch marks, or leaky boobs, or an extra pooch tucked into our Spanx…we were confident, fearless, brazen thirty-somethings, and we were taking our goodies home to our husbands. And, man it felt so good to be those women for a fleeting moment.

  • They have three other boutiques~ Los Angeles, New York and Paris
  • If you call ahead, they can accommodate your party as well in the same fashion as ours
  • They do a Romance Concierge Service, meaning they can come to your room and decorate for Special Occasions, Bachelorette Parties, Wedding Nights

I just loved how this was something different than just sitting in a lounge or at a bar, having cocktails. We were interacting, being spontaneous, sharing and bonding…it was a grown up girls night! I’m not going to say what we bought, but I will tell you one item had something to do with Jell-o. They placed everything into a discreet black bag, and taped the top with black tape so no one could see inside. Their bag was probably a little more interesting than mine, as I threw in a few cautionary necessities remembering how I got my RockStarMom status in the first place.


The Las Vegas Boutique is located at:

Kiki de Montparnasse
Crystals at MGM CityCenter, Suite 226
3720 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109




Open: Sunday – Saturday 10am -11pm