Oh my gosh...were we really that young?!?!

Happy Anniversary to my RockStarHubby!  Tomorrow we will be celebrating 9 years of marriage.

Nine years ago, we were living a carefree life…travelling all over, whenever we wanted to.  We honeymooned in Bali, and our plan was to stay for two weeks.  When we got there, we loved it so much, we decided to extend our trip an extra week and travel to Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Ahhh…life was so simple then.

Fast forward…four houses, 6 cars, 8 career moves, a boy, a girl and twins later…and here we are.  And no matter the struggles, challenges, fights, tears…the good times have ALWAYS outweighed the bad, and I would never do one thing over again.

We are blessed.  I am blessed.  I love my RockStarHubby!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

To see some pics from our wedding and honeymoon, check out my FaceBook page!