Even as a newer Travel Planner, I am always encouraging my clients to purchase travel insurance. Mainly because the old adage is true- “you never know what could happen”…and these last 8 months my business has experienced just this. From political riots forcing us to reroute clients to a whole other country one week before their trip (at Christmastime none the less) to another’s unexpected medical diagnosis that delayed their trip…it is so true…anything really can happen, especially things you wouldn’t imagine. Might as well be prepared!

As it would stand, countries around the world are also buying into the Travel Insurance stance and many are starting to require proof of yours for entry into their country. Travel Market Report recently published an article in January 2019, regarding this exact topic: More Countries Requiring Tourists Purchase Trave Insurance.

I encourage my clients to consider either a policy I can quote them from AIG Travel Guard, or if the package I am putting together offers one, I point that out as well.

You can always check with the credit card company you use to pay for the trip, as sometimes they will offer an option to protect your trip costs. But, you should also confirm it will protect YOU and your family if you should be in need of any medical assistance while on your trip. One wise friend who is an avid traveller recommends never leaving the country without MedVac coverage.

It is wise to start building Travel Insurance into your trip budget. If you already have a trip planned, but need Trip Insurance, I can help you with that- whether you booked through me or not.

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