A Brooklyn style pizzeria with Grandma’s homemade sauce and meatball recipes can be found Off the Strip in Las Vegas. In fact, it can be found in Summerlin, right next to the Whole Food Market. I was invited to experience lunch at Dom de Marco’s Pizzeria and Bar, and am grateful for the opportunity. The friendly wait-staff and very knowledgeable manager, loaded up our table with all kinds of goodies and pizza-oven delights! We started with a simple salad, fresh and light. Moved quickly into the eggplant dish and finished off with Grandma’s Meatballs. Having an Italian grandmother myself, I can never seem to find meatballs that are just right. Blended with veal and beef, this secret family recipe got it right, and I’m glad they shared their meatballs with us. My favorite though was the eggplant dish. Fried to a golden perfection, and topped with a spoonful of ricotta cheese, a dollop of house made marinara and a sprinkle of basil- that could have been my whole meal.

Dom de MArcos Eggplant

Next came the pizzas…we tried three. Yeah, you gotta problem with ‘dat?? My favorite was the Sicilian style pepperoni pizza. Crispy on the bottom, cheesy and saucy on the top, just how I like it. Next was the white pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil. And, finally the New York Style with meat imported from Italy. the manager was very careful not to share any secrets like recipes, ingredients or where the food comes from. But, she was quick to say everything is hand selected by the owners, prepared in-house and made with love. OK, maybe I threw that one in there, but the employees were quite proud to be serving up these delicious dishes.

Dom de MArcos Pizza

Of course, we had to wash all this Italian goodness down with some hand-crafted cocktails from behind the bar. Two favorites are the Italian Shandy and Dom’s Mojito. Both priced nicely at under $9 each, and also available during Dom de Marcos Happy Hour. And, the coolest thing I had seen all week, Wine on Tap. 

Dom De Marco Cocktails

Finally, who can resist a hand stuffed cannoli at an Italian restaurant. Certainly not me. So, I indulged. And, it was delicious. Well worth the calories. 


With all this talk about how very tragic our food supply seems to be these days, it occurs to me daily that what I am feeding not only myself, but my family, will affect their health in some way, shape or form in the future. Options like organic, all-natural, gluten freeFTCDisclosure and vegan can seem intimidating and trying to figure them out is like information overload. Now factor in school, after-school activities, homework, baths and…dinner! Who has time for healthy cooking after all that?? As much as I try to eat in and cook for my kids, sometimes our schedules just make it impossible. It is reassuring to know there are some places out there in the restaurant biz that have our backs, and work to provide healthy eating options for those with all kinds of dietary needs and restrictions. Dom de Marco’s Pizzeria and Bar also offers Gluten Free and Vegan options on their menu. I tried both, and though I would not normally go out of my way to order a Gluten Free and Vegas pizza, it was actually pretty tasty. I’ve noticed since I’ve cut down on my personal consumption of cow’s milk, that I feel better throughout the day. My son is also a bit lactose intolerant, so he is even learning to steer clear from the stuff. It’s nice to know this option is available when it’s time to feed my hungry, and somewhat picky, eaters.

Dom de Marcos Las Vegas

Dom de Marco’s Pizzeria and Bar is a Hip and Off the Strip find for lunch, dinner or Happy Hour. The atmosphere of the restaurant is modern and fun, yet traditional and intimate. I loved the chalk drawings on the wall, mixed in the dark woods and red checkered napkins. Visit the next time you are looking for a taste of Brooklyn in Las Vegas.