When you think of Express, what comes to mind? Teen-agers? Limited Brands? Maybe your wardrobe from college? I know for me, when I was invited to come tour and shop at the newly re-designed concept store at the Fashion Show Mall, I was a bit confused. Why me? I’m a late 30-something with 4 kids; not so sure I would be able to find a style or size to fit this new mama body I’ve been rocking. But, I was delightfully surprised at what learned, saw, tried-on and bought during this fashionably fun event.

Let’s answer some of the above questions:

1. Is Express for teen-agers?

Actually, no. It is designed for both men and women with the 20 to 30 something in mind. The store itself is now located on the 2nd level at the Fashion Show Mall, near the new Macy’s Men store, and it is one of the only concept stores currently open in North America. What was fun about the new Express store at Fashion Show was the eye catching facade drawing attention to the mall passer-bys. A brightly lit store front with a party atmosphere definitely encourages the younger set to pop in. Once inside, the logistics and design of the store makes you realize there is more to it than the Vegas Club scene. I did grab something from the party room, I headed straight back to the more sophisticated casual section, perused through the office contemporary pieces (perfect white pants for ladies who lunch at non-profit events in the summer!), and made my way to the Denim Lab. The Denim Lab is just pure awesome. As a 30-something, I’m always a bit intimidated by all the different styles and functions and looks of what denim has to offer. The new Express stores feature high tech iPads that allow you to browse and discover the look for you, so you know which styles you want to take back with you to the fitting room.


VP of Creative, Jay Borman, talks about the tech savvy system to show off the Denim Lab options.

2. Is Express owned by the Limited Brands, Inc. company?

Not anymore. In fact, they have not been apart of the Limited Brands, Inc. family for over 5 years. Express has been pulling away from the parent company and working on creating style all of its own. New York City is the inspiration, and the goal is to get back to its roots of delivering a style and sense of fashion that only a Sidewalk Runway store could bring.

“Getting back to the core of who we are- our design studio is in NYC. That’s where the heart of fashion is, so we feel we need to take that and bring it out to the masses.” – Jay Borman, VP of Creative, Express

After Express went public two years ago, the company now has a great opportunity to really make a name for themselves in the retail world. They want to do it right and make a statement, and so they did by introducing a 15,000 square foot concept store in the heart of fashion, right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip in one of the most demanding retail centers in town, the Fashion Show Mall. In addition to the store at Fashion Show, Express concept stores have been making their way throughout North America, Latin America, the Middle East and onto Europe.

Express Denim Lab

3. Am I going to look like I’m trying to re-live the 90’s with my college wardrobe from Express?

Again. Nope! I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised to find and fit into so many different styles. Cute, sexy, functional, trendy and fun. Express is looking to accomodate an age range in women from 20’s to early 30’s, but I still managed to find a great t-shirt top, sexy boyfriend cropped jeans and a casual day-time dress. The price point is slightly higher than what a college student would be able to afford…$80 for cropped jeans is a tad steep even for me when it’s not designer. Still, it’s obtainable. I could see though how Express is looking to elevate their brand and clientele through image and price. Which totally makes sense for the men’s line. Focusing on a upper 20’s to mid 30’s kind of guy who has recently graduated from college, just getting started in their career and wants an affordable look that is style and quality. I loved the newly released gentleman’s watch collection with a price point of $60-$200. Having been through that period with my husband when we first started dating and his starting a career where he needed to wear a suit and tie very day, I loved that opportunity for guys to look effortlessly cool and professional at the same time.


What do you think? Would you shop at Express? And, what do you think about the styles I chose?

express_dress Express_fit express_jeans

This event was sponsored by the Express Stores. I was invited as media to tour and shop the new concept store at Fashion Show Mall. All opinions and thoughts are my own.