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When my oldest son was born, I was gifted the Beatles lulla-byes CD, which I played incessantly while just cradling him and rocking him in our glider. I would sing to him over and over again while putting him down for a nap. I had lots of time back then, he was my only child! I especially loved singing him, “Here Comes the Sun,” which to this day, whenever I hear it, fills my heart with joy, and brings tears to my eyes at the same time.

My mother is one of the biggest Beatles fans I know, most particularly, a Paul Mc Cartney fan. I grew up listening to the records and 8-tracks and thumbing through the album jackets looking at the timeless photos of what is was like to be apart of the 60’s and 70’s. Just like most Americans, my brother, sister and I knew every Beatles song by heart. When The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil, opened at the Mirage, my whole family couldn’t wait to go. My husband took me when it first opened as a birthday present, and I had not been back since. As soon as we sat down in the theater, and the show started, I was reminded right away why I loved this show. It is, hands down, my absolute favorite Cirque du Soleil show.

Everything about The Beatles music comes to life in this spectacular display of color, imagery, and sound. The scenes remind me of the album covers I remembered staring out for hours…Abbey Road and Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band stood out the most. Of course, the Cirque performers make their jobs look so easy, as their amazingly strong, yet graceful bodies glide through the air and flip and jump at extraordinary heights. I never wanted the show to end.

Of course, we brought our kids, and I was a bit concerned the symbolism and the politics would be lost on them. What I was hoping they would gain would be an appreciation for the music and the colors and the humor the Beatles injected into my life. My daughter fell fast asleep, while my son was mesmerized. I made sure to engage him in the different acts, and explain who the Beatles were. When “Here Comes the Sun,” came on, we swayed together to the music while I tried my hardest not to have an emotional breakdown, and just enjoy the moment with him. He loved Love! He was so enthralled with England and Ringo Starr and the music. We talked about the Beatles for weeks after the show. He has asked me to download their songs into his iTouch. He wants a book about Ringo Starr (my son also likes to play the drums). The Beatles have a new fan, and at 8 years old, it’s very telling of their music. As we already know, the Beatles will live on forever through the generations.

The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil was a great show for a family with older children. Here is a breakdown of all the Cirque du Soleil shows on the Strip and my thoughts about whether I would bring kids and at what age. For more  detailed information about Family Friendly Cirque du Soleil Shows, also visit my post on Traveling Moms.

Recommendations for Ages 5 and up:

Mystere at the TI

Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour*

Recommendations for Ages 8 and up:

The Beatles  Love at the Mirage

Ka at the MGM Grand

Recommendations for Ages 10 and up:

“O” at the Bellagio

Recommended for Adults Only:

Criss Angel Believe at Luxor

Zumanity at New York New York

*Michael Jackson is currently a touring show happening in 2012 throughout the U.S. Check their website to see if there is a show coming to your city.

Update: Mandalay Bay, an MGM International property, recently announced the addition of Michael Jackson One, as a resident show coming soon in 2013.