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Last weekend I crushed it with the outfit I wore to a Millennials wedding. (see what I did there?) Yes, I’m in my early 40’s and beam with confidence, but there is just something about being around 20-somethings that gets me a little intimidated in the fashion department. This mom of four is not aiming to look like a mom of 4. I’m not aiming to look like a 25-year-old either, but my style still has game! I don’t often post about things I wear, just things I love or would love to wear. I’m going to share how I put this combination together though, since so many of you complimented my WOOTD (wedding outfit of the day) via Instagram and Facebook.

glitter and velvet fall trends

Fall brings such luscious fabrics into our lives. And, nothing is better this fall than crushed velvet. I found this crinkled velvet tunic (retail $128) in the champagne color at Anthropologie about a month before the wedding. My initial reason for this purchase was a casual, yet, put together look for informal meet-ups with friends, or even a dinner at one of the trendy restaurants at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. At checkout, the sales person was raving over my choice and mentioned a previous shopper purchased the dress to wear on New Year’s Eve by accessorising with some shiny objects. I fell in love with the idea of making this dress work for the wedding.

anthropologie crinkled tunic

What I 💜 about this dress: Don’t be fooled by the word tunic. I am 5′ and the tunic clearly looked like a dress on me. Other reviews on Anthropologie’s website say the same thing, and for various heights. I love that it is dry clean only. Velvet weirds me out sometimes because after it has been washed, it tends to get cheap looking. This dress is lined and dry clean only, which helps with the upkeep and longevity of the fabric. Though I managed to pull off a semi-formal look with this dress, I love love love that I can also pull off super stylish, yet casual by pairing it with boots, and changing up the jewelry, maybe throwing a jean jacket on top for cooler nights.

The irony of the shoes. Every now and then I allow myself a shoe budget to match those of a designer shoe. It’s a good thing for a girl to have a few pairs of classics to last through several seasons, and a few en trend shoes that will eventually become part of your vintage collection if you hold on to them long enough. I went with this inspiration in mind as I headed into the Neiman Marcus shoe department at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I was looking for a fall shoe in a transitional time. Meaning…all the Gucci’s, Choos and Louboutins were still sporting too much summer for a fall shoe budget. The ones I had my eye on were a pair of gold metallic Gucci wedges for around $650. The shoe was amazing…if it was April and I knew I could wear them all through spring and summer. But there was a tiny problem of the wedge being a woven material. Too summery. I decided if I found nothing else, I would come back to these.


So, why not an awesome skinny heel? The wedding venue was outside. I needed a chunky heel that wouldn’t sink. Plus, I wanted a shoe that would funk up the dress but still make the outfit look complete, and like I wasn’t trying too hard. After many nights of searching for the perfect designer shoe on-line, I hit up SteveMadden.com knowing Steve wouldn’t let me down in the funk department. A pop-up on my screen was for a pre-order shoe called the Darla. A 5″ (omg) chunky heel covered in a rose gold glitter. Could this get any better? Yes. Priced at $109. Added to cart.

What I 💜 about these shoes: Not gonna lie, 5 inches is a whole lot of heel height. They were, however, remarkably comfortable. I had a few stumbles trying to walk through the grass and dirt, and after having them on for 8 hours, my feet were throbbing a bit. But, I didn’t take them off the whole night, and my Millenial friends kept complimenting me all. night. long. Oh! And the best part?? I was actually asked if my shoes were Gucci! By someone older than me! The shoes really do look quite the sophisticated kind of trendy and I was happily suprised by their quality. Especially after someone mistook them for Gucci. 😍

Finally, the icing on the wedding cake…the accessories. Most of the pieces I accessorized with, I already owned. I kept it simple with my diamond stud earrings. Borrowed a friend’s rose gold Nixon watch, and added crystal studded bangles in rose, white and yellow golds from Henri Bendel. On my right hand I wore my mixed golds cocktail ring, also by Henri Bendel. The necklace I found at Anthropologie, for $68. A statement piece with a gold material and bold pink stones. I cannot find it online, but it was recently in the stores. I felt a bit rushed with the necklace, so in hindsight, I may have found something a little more daring if I had the time. Then again, the shoes kind of stole the show, so maybe it was best for this statement necklace to be a little understated. The clutch I found on NeimanMarcus.com. A Rebecca Minkoff Leo Saffiano Zip-Trim clutch in a bronze metallic color for $98.


What I 💜 about the outfit: My initial estimated costs for this evening would have been well into the upper $100s, ok low $1000s. I wanted a Ted Baker dress with shoes to match. The venue kind of threw me off as I didn’t want to be sinking my heels into the ground, so my shoes became my focal point of the outfit. The entire outfit cost around $400 without tax and shipping. Throw in a gel mani/pedi and a trip to the drybarLas Vegas, and my grand total is around $600 vs the $600 I would have spent on my summer transitional Gucci wedges in metallic gold. The outfit is recyclable, too. Every part of it can be used again and worn in a different way. Cost effective and wardrobe ready. Like I said…I crushed it!

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