Excerpts of this post was originally published on TravelingMom.com, January 31, 2013.

Contemplating an international beach resort and luxury vacation at the same time? Ever considered Bali, Indonesia? I love it for the nostalgia of my honeymoon destination, and recently made new memories as I travelled alone to a best friend’s wedding. This time I was invited to stay at Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Let’s see if I can convince you!

It was as if I had just seen Halley’s Commet for the second time when my husband said to me, “Why don’t you go alone to Bali for 6 days to your best friend’s wedding?”. In my world, “alone” means without the little entourage…four kids that is. If I had heard him correctly, my husband had just given me permission to flee my lovely, chaotic life in Las Vegas for 6 days alone. Alone. By myself on a long haul flight, Business Class, on Cathay Pacific, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Alone again on a three hour lay over in the World Class Lounge. Flying solo 6 hours from Hong Kong into Bali. Then staying at one of the most amazing, tropical resorts in the world, Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Yes. Pinch me now. It’s not a dream. I actually had the chance to do such a thing.

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong

You cannot mistake luxury. The air conditioned mercedes picked me up at the Denpasar Airport, and handed me a chilled bottled water along with an icy washcloth to cool myself. I had been to Bali once before, on my honeymoon ten years ago, and immmediately was transported back in time with the smells and sounds of a vibrant culture. The ride to the hotel was a bit more congested than I remembered, but nevertheless, a quick 35 minutes away from the airport would find me in a complete state of relaxation.

four seasons bali

In Bali, you are almost always greeted with a Welcome drink to refresh while you sit and breathe in the ocean air and take in the scenic atmosphere, and wait to be checked in to your hotel room. The Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay is no exception. Sweet girls from the surrounding village of Jimbaran, dressed in traditional garb, eagerly welcomed me into the vast, open air lobby at the Four Seasons. A sweet Welcome Drink in hand, fragrant flower bouquet in the other, I hopped on the golf cart called to take me to my villa.


My villa had a private plunge pool, overlooking Jimbaran Bay, and surrounded by the lush foliage of the property. One entrance lead me into my private enclave where I would take my breakfast and lounge pool side, while the other door opened into the serenity of a King sized bed protected with a sheer mosquitto netting. Colonial English furniture, along with a clawfoot tub beakoned my name, and the outdoor shower waved a fond hello. I have found Paradise Lost.


I spent the next five days, when I wasn’t involved with wedding activities, exploring the facilites and taking advantage of all the resort had to offer. Several of my favorite things about the resort include the Garden Tour, Yoga, and a personalized bath drawn in my villa each day. (Yes, I said each day!) At the time, I was also given the opportunity to have breakfast included in my stay, which was some of the most indulgent meals I had have for breakfast in long time.


The area surrounding the resort is a vibrant village filled with shopping and markets. The island itself is not that large, however, due to traffic and the availablilty of roads, traveling around the island can sometimes take up to an hour or more depending on where you want to go and what time you leave to get there. And, that is just beach villages. To go more inland is a whole other story.


The Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay is more than just an escape for adults; I most defintely would have taken my children there, but my husband told me to go alone. Next time.

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Disclosure: I was offered a Media Rate to stay at The Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay.