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Funny the things you find when you move.  I have a love/hate relationship with moving.  On one hand, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, emotional and tense for the last four weeks.  On the other hand, purging is so good for the soul.

While going through what seemed like the never ending build-up of boxes, I came across a Goal Coaching worksheet my husband and I had done together almost a year ago today.  We just had the twins, and it was great to go back and re-visit to see if we were in-line with what we had set-out to do.  In fact, we were on most of it. We moved into a new house.  My husband excelled in his career, and I continued to build my blog.

It was also a good reminder to revisit where we are now, and in which direction we are headed.  Ironically, we sat down the other night and went through our goals again before I came across last year’s worksheet.  Typically, most of us wait until New Year’s to sit down and re-think our goals, or resolutions, as we call them.  But I’m beginning to think maybe we would take ourselves a little more serious if we did it before the expected date.  What if we did them when no one expected us to?  Would we hold to them longer?  Would we be more authentic with ourselves?  Hold ourselves accountable for more?  Just a thought.

Here’s a trip down memory lane (I definitely think my writing has improved since then, no?) to jump start your Goal Setting fever for 2012.


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