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You do know that I am 5’1 on a GREAT day, right? So, you can imagine my reaction when a photographer (Lisa Sullivan of Mommedy) called me, “Hot Legs,” during a casual photo shoot at my girlfriend’s baby shower this past weekend. The funny thing is, just a few weeks prior, I was chatting with this group of girls (we have known each other for 15 years and like to refer to ourselves as the “HC”) about our nicknames. Almost every person in our group has a nickname except for me. We were all throwing different things out there, RockStar, for one, but nothing really seemed to stick. Until Lisa called me “Hot Legs”.

I kept saying, over and over, “I’m like the shortest person here!”, and, “You know I’m not even 5’1, right?!?!”. But for some reason, this name just stuck. All. Weekend. Long. Most likely because my personality tends to be more on the synical, serious side, so for an outsider of our group to call me Hot Legs, well, that just set the girls off. And, so, Hot Legs it is.


Can you find Hot Legs in the photo? Photo by Lisa Sullivan www.SullivanStudios.printroom.com

Today, I took the twins for a walk around my neighborhood. Three and half miles, hilly, pushing 50 LBS in the desert heat…not pretty. But as I was climbing those hills during my walk, I noticed that my calf muscles had some serious definition, and my thighs seemed a little less thick around the middle. I started to think of all the different leg work-outs I have been doing throughout my Strength Center Las Vegas Re-Invent Yourself Challenge, and I thought, “No wonder she called me Hot Legs!” Damn, Me!

For the last 4 weeks, I have felt the wrath of Liz’s RIPPED Class. I have endured the weight of Sheri’s Kettle Bells. I have squatted my way through Annette’s AMP’D class. Powered Yoga through Ottavio’s awesome flow, and allowed Adam to seriously kick my butt with these little purple bands wrapped around my calves that cause your butt and thighs to feel as though they were on fire. I have done all of this, and probably more (I did mention the 3.5 mile run in a hilly neighborhood). So, yes. I deserve the name, “Hot Legs”.

In addition to all of this, I have also been using this remarkable product, and yes, I’m going to say it now- they gave it to me for free. But, I have to tell you, I believe in it. It’s an all-natural cellulite cream and scrub called Smooth, founded by local aestheticians, Danielle Panaro and her sister Claudine Castellani.

smooth skin bar

The scrub is made of ground, organic, coffee beans, blended with essential oils. The lotion is also blended with natural, essential oils that penetrate past the outer layer of your skin, and seriously moisturizes and hydrates your body from the inside out, creating a “plumping” effect that minimizes the look of cellulite. Not only did I massage it all into my legs, stomach and arms, but I also used it on my declotage as I’ve noticed some, eh-hem, sun damage. After a few days of using the Smooth product, I noticed the unappealing area seemed to me, at least, to look appealing again. I also love the small detail of the sea shell added to the scrub in order to use every bit of the product in the jar. Such a clever idea! If you are interested in learning more about Smooth Smoothing Scrub and Lotion, local creators, Danelle and Claudine, are hosting a launch event this Wednesday at SkinBar in Henderson.

Along with the vitamins and other supplements from Pure Health I have been taking religiously, I did feel quite proud that my legs seemed to have become my finest feature. For so many years, I never even thought about my legs, but now I’ve noticed that they are one of the first areas I see instant gratification after a series of rigorous workouts. Actually, I guess now is a good a time as any to share with you my 4-week results!

strength center las vegas

Overall…I was down around .5″-1.5″ and lost a total of 5lbs of body fat. Truthfully, that was only after 3 weeks because a busy schedule detered me from the 4th week of consistent excersize. So, I’m pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish with a steady influx of fitness combined with healthier food choices.

Just like the RockStarMom name was given to me by my friends, I guess I should take this new nickname for what it’s worth as well! A sign of accomplishment that, when I put my mind to it, I can do anything. Even get the nickname Hot Legs when you’re only 5 feet tall!