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Why?!?! Why does my husband do this to me? The week before I was planning on attending the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in San Diego, he springs on me that he has to leave the next day for a week trip to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Really?? How delightful. 

I had made arrangements for this day (key word- day) trip from Vegas to San Diego back in November. I went back and forth on whether or not I should stay the night so I could get to know my fellow bloggers better by hanging out afterwards, enjoying the cocktail party and being away from my real life job as mommy to four. After contemplating the cost of the airfare and the ticket, I decided to not put anyone through the hassle of having to watch my kids while I was gone, or pay for the night in the hotel room. I figured, with lots of organization, I could enjoy a day trip to lovely San Diego without needing to stay the night, feel energized and inspired by the conference, and relaxed by having 12 hours to just think about me.

Instead, I was having vivid memories of the last time he did this to me playing through my head. (Remember Mexico?) At least with Mexico I had a few weeks to organize and rally up the troops to convince them that they should all pitch in to help me with my brood. I also had a better excuse…he was turning 40, and I had a motivation, I got to go with him for a few days. This time was different. He just so happened to plan this the same week my mother had knee surgery, and his great-aunt passed away, so his parents both had to go to New Mexico, and my nanny was already booked for another gig where the parents were going out of town, so she had to stay the night for the whole week. I came up with every possible threat, yes threat, for him not to go, or to at least be considerate and be home by Friday so I could attend my event well rested. None of that happened, and my week went a little like this…

Sunday: RSH left at midnight on Saturday. Big kids had swimming at 11:30 and 12. Mother-in-law planned to watch the twins, but her great-aunt passed away that morning and they had to get on a flight to Dallas by 1:00 that afternoon. Reluctantly, I called my mother to see if I could drop the babies off to her. They should be sleeping while we were gone, so she wouldn’t have to tend to them with having an injured knee and all. Of course, Baby A decided that he couldn’t nap at nonni’s and cried and screamed the whole time, forcing her to have to hold him and walk around the house with him until I got home. This all would have been avoided if the doctor’s office sent me the shot records I requested earlier in the week for the babies. I could have signed them up for day care at the sports club, and dropped them off so no one would have had to watch them. Whatever. Back at my parents after swimming, got everyone back in the car, drove home, made dinner, gave baths, put all kids to bed. Can’t sleep when RSH is not home. Drank a glass of wine to relax me. Finally fell asleep around 1:30am.

Thank goodness they are so cute! Makes my life so much easier!

Monday: Alarm goes off at 7:15. Both kids up and out of bed…get dressed, brush hair and teeth, give RSD her daily allergy meds, make breakfast quickly before babies wake up. Shoot…babies up! Babies downstairs (yes, I carry them both at the same time), change their diapers, make their bottles, bottle bibs on, bottles in mouths…they are good for a few mins. Yell to kids for breakfast…stop fighting. Stop fighting. OMG STOP FIGHTING! Papa at the door to take them to school…thank god…get babies out of highchairs…burp one at a time (come on, I’m not that good!)…play time! Play time means coffee time for mommy. Get dishes done, clean up kitchen, play with babies. Nap time. Shower? Get dressed. Get babies back up, get them in the car, get out the door to pick up RSD. Come home, babies eat, babies nap, get everyone back in the car again to pick up RSS. Come home, babies eat, change diapers, get homework done. Get dinner made…while making dinner, get babies ready for bed. Get dinner on table…stop fighting. Stop fighting. OMG STOP FIGHTING! Babies in bed, kids in jammies (yes, they were in my bed watching TV)…8:15…glass of wine. Another glass of wine. Kids fighting…bed time. They are out, takes me till past midnight. 

Tuesday: that alarm is getting louder…same routine…today we have a nanny though, yippee! Twins get to stay at home while mommy runs around like a maniac picking up from school, taking to piano, dropping one kid off in exchange for another, heading to dance class, pick up dinner on the way home. Yes! Babies in bed, homework done, no dishes. Wine…I deserve two tonight, right? I hate sleeping alone.

Wednesday: did I set that alarm for earlier? same morning routine, but babies got a bath today. No nanny bummer, and I have to do all the running around as mom is still out of commission and cannot pick up RSS to take him to CCD. Pick up RSD, run to Target for birthday gifts and groceries, pick up RSS, drop him off at CCD…babies eating and napping on the run, crap…Baby A not sleeping again! This is going to be a fun night. At least dad is dropping RSS off at home. Sister at sushi place by house, brought me dinner, sweet! Stayed a little longer…wine…not going to say how many glasses we drank, but sleepover with all the kids…nice not to sleep alone, but too drunk to notice. God I’m a bad mom.

Thursday: ALARM!!! Same routine…except that I get a phone call…RSS just puked in front of the school bringing him home. Had planned on yoga at the club, cancelled nursery appointment, RSS home and in bed, babies napping, eating, diapers changed…change of plans, so mommy naps…hey, I deserve it. Wow, extra time, guess I’ll write a blog post. RSD friend taking her after school for a playdate. Wow. I even get a shower! St. Pat’s day! RSD comes home, all kids in green, jump in car, head to grandma’s for Irish feast. Had a Guinness, but still couldn’t sleep. Grrr…


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday: Baby sitter today…baby sitter, not nanny…kids are watched but everything else a mess. Thank goodness the house keeper is here! Clean sheets, floors, dishes and toilets, hooray! Carnival at school, lunch with the grandmas, drop off the kids to the sitter, get eyebrows done for San Diego, able to pick up RSS late from school, go to soccer, drive through Taco Hell…yuck…come home, babies not fed in or in bed, seriously?? Get everyone fed, jammies and in bed. Get everything ready for my trip tomorrow. Yes! It’s only 9:30, watch a pay per view. Damn it’s 11:30, can’t sleep. Shouldn’t have had that Starbucks at 5. Should I have a glass of wine? No, want to be prepared for Saturday. Alarm set for 4am. Can’t sleep…still awake at 1am.

I was so tired. I was so tired all day. I slept on the plane. I slept in the cab ride to the hotel. I was able to be social and take notes and concentrate, but I’m not going to lie, I had to force the issue. I drank more coffee in one day than I usually do in one week, and I still could barely keep my eyes open at 3pm. I was having a hard time focusing, and all I wanted to do was yell at my husband. I couldn’t even get in the right frame of mind to be accepting and get past the negative to focus on what was happening. Of course, to make things better, as soon as I got to the hotel, my little friend Flo decided to visit, so I had to go buy her a gift at the sundries store. I was so tired at the end of the conference, I sat by myself in the lobby because I was too tired to talk to people. I got my 2nd wind and attended the Mirassou wine tasting, and even after my delicious sampling of the Pinot Noir and their brand new Moscato, people were still telling me how tired I looked. I hate that. I hate not being able to handle it all.


Thank you, David Mirassou, for the amazing Wine Tasting event at the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp San Diego. My two favorites were the Pinot Noir (America’s Favorite Pinot!) and their brand new 2010 Moscato.  

The conference was great. I learned some new things, met some great people and overall was glad I went. It was definitely worth it. But the best thing that happened to me all day was that when I got to the airport, my flight was delayed. This was a good thing, because they had seats available on the earlier flight to Vegas, and when you fly Southwest Airlines, if the flight is 15 minutes or more delayed, then they fly you stand by for free. They changed my flight and I made it just as they were closing the doors. Grabbed the first available seat, while I listened to two guys hit on this girl the whole way to Vegas. I didn’t even care. I slept for another 30 minutes. Dashed through the airport, made my way to the valet, got home safe and sound. Kids in bed, babies in bed, husband in bed…finally. I could sleep. No alarm this morning. Except for my daughter coming in at 10:30 to tell me she was starving and that we had to get ready for swimming. And so, beings another week.