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It might not be the Rockefeller Center rink as we so often associate with ice skating in the city, but when you are in Las Vegas, it’s the next best thing.

My kids have been begging my husband and I to take them ice skating all winter long.  With school being out for break, and my husband having a rare Monday with the kids, we decided to go for it the day after Christmas.  We weren’t totally sure where to go as none of us are pros, and my kids had never been on a rink before.  After a quick call to the Info Desk at the Monte Lago Village Resort, where the rink is actually affiliated with, I felt confident we could do this.  We bundelled up in our cutest ice skating clothes, and away we went.

Traffic getting out to Lake Las Vegas was a breeze.  It took us tops 20 minutes from our house to the valet at the Ravella Resort at Lake Las Vegas.  We like to park here because we are familiar with the grounds, but the Monte Lago Village Resort also offers convenient parking.  The economy has not missed the Lake Las Vegas Resort, which is so sad.  The beautiful green golf course that once greeted visitors entering the master planned community, is now dead and brown, though still well kept.  Houses are still beautiful, and the Village is just as before…windy cobble stone roads and Italian stuccoed buildings that beacon much more lively times.  There were a few shops still open available for hot chocolate, gelato, and coffee.  And, it appeared as though some of the retail shops were open as well.

We headed on down to the Floating Rink.  At the ticket and rental station, you get a pair of skates and a wrist band allowing you all day access.  Adults skate for $15 and children for $12.  The rink itself does float, but contrary to what I thought, it’s actually attached to the dock, so there is no boat ride out to the middle of the lake.  Which is convenient, although, that might be a cool idea! It is also made from real ice, so it is thick and your skates can actually dig in.  Because it is located right above the water, there is some condensation created and the rink experiences melted ice from time to time.  Especially with the weather not being actual “ice skating” temperatures, there tends to be some slush and water on the rink.  This was a bit challenging as my kids were having a great time on the ice, but of course, as I’m yelling, “Stay away from the water,” they, my son especially, are skating right through it, falling down and getting their clothes soaking wet.  It doesn’t seem either that they are doing regular Zamboni circuits on the ice, the rink is rather small, but the surface seemed to be just enough for everyone to enjoy their skating for the day.


I have to admit, I haven’t skated in years.  I put on a pair of roller skates the other day and almost broke my neck, so I was a little nervous about putting skates with blades on the bottom and gliding over ice.  My kids were excited, but nervous as well.  they had never skated before.  The nice thing is that the rink is small, so you feel like you are in a more controlled environment.  There are also large traffic cones on the ice, which is great for the kids.  My son grabbed one and though he could hardly keep his ankles up and feet paralleled, he managed to still race around the rink for an hour and have a great time.  My daughter, on the other hand, absolutely refused the cone.  She was going to do this on her own, and by golly, she did.  Spunky, little headstrong creature who refused to have any help.  By the time we were ready to go, she was already working on her figure 8s and trying to skate as fast as she could.  She kept telling me, “I got this,” every time I would offer her a cone to hold on to.  I even had a good time.  It was a great release from all the stress and bustle of the Holidays to just go out with the kids, get some fresh air, a little movement and just have fun.  Brought me back to being a teenager ice skating with my friends, and I had a blast watching my kids have a great time on the rink.

I was barely able to pull them away by offering to buy them a chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, with promises of bringing them back again before the rink closes at the end of January.  My daughter didn’t want to leave…I think we may have found her talent.  I wish their was an ice skating rink closer to Henderson because I would take her all the time.

The Famous Floating Rink at Lake Las Vegas is open through January 29th.  Bring extra clothes for kiddos who may fall a lot and get wet, and don’t forget your camera!  We brought gloves and hats and heavy sweatshirts and the kids did just fine.  In fact, once they warmed up, they started to take off the hat and gloves.

Get outside with your family (or with friends or a date!) and enjoy the Ice Skating on the Lake.  And, support the beautifully master planned Lake Las Vegas.

More information on Ice Skating on the Lake can be found on their website:

RATES (includes skate rental and full day pass to the rink):
$15 per adult
$12 per child
$8 per person for groups of 20 or more
$125 per season pass


Monday through Friday – 3 pm to 9 pm
Saturday, Sunday, school vacations and holidays – 12 Noon to 9 pm.