Today was just one of those days and I feel like this week will just be one of those weeks.  I need to get organized, and in order for me to feel organized, other aspects of my life need to be organized.  Like, Christmas needs to come down.  Then I think the garage needs to be organized.  From there, baby items not in use need to go to the thrift shop.  Baby items that are not mine, need to go back to their owner.  Then I think about how am I ever going to be able to pack up and move all this shit at any given time????  We have so much of it!  Then I go into my house and see that the garbage hasn’t been emptied and the dishes are still in the sink and the babies have both pooped twice today and they really need a bath because they also smell like puke, but I think my shower is going to trump theirs for tonight.  I need to find a new nanny (anyone??) because my husband is always working. Then I wonder if I will ever be able to work again, and remember that I have a review to write, and am trying to keep integral with my 21-day challenge and it is definitely that…a Challenge!  To write every day for 21 days!  What was I thinking!?!?  Then I think, I know I can do all of this, I just have to get organized.  Ha!