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My boys love to play. They love to play with each other, they love to play by themselves and they especially love to play with their older siblings. Being twins, though, they never really leave the house much to play with other kids. Since they have the built-in play date thing going on, I’m pretty comfortable to let them run around in the safe confines of their own home where I can regulate the occassional sibling rivalry accompanied by hitting, biting, pinching and pulling hair.

Kidville Las Vegas

When Melissa Weiner, the Mayor of Kidville, invited the VegasBloggers to explore the different classes that will be available during their summer camp, I was weary, but willing. One mommy-friend of mine mentioned that her 18-month old was already coloring. My BFF’s daughter in LA was taking art classes at 18 months, painting canvases that mirrored a novice Picasso. When I hand my boys a crayon, they eat it. And, finger paint? Forget about it! Pretty sure they would paint each other first…I can just see them now laughing and falling over at how funny it is to paint each other red, blue and green. I figured it might just be time to start socializing them a little bit and exposing them to other playmates.

Kidville Tivolli Village Las Vegas

Yes, I made the haul all the way over to Summerlin, to the beautiful Tivoli Village. I really didn’t mind because Tivoli Village alone is such a cool place with the potential of being the next Grove at Bev Hills.  And, if it meant that I could pop into one of my new favorite bakeries, Cafe Leone, for a mocha and a chocolat au pain, then I was in!

Kidville itself is an impressive facility with a mini-salon and boutique just for little tykes. The parking is also convenient as you can park underground and take the elevator up to the first floor, though you cannot bring strollers in the elevator once inside Kidville for fire hazard reasons. If you have multiples, or just bringing a bunch of kids with you, keep this in mind so you are prepared to schelp everyone up the flight of stairs to the level where the gym rooms are. This is actually OK because the staff is super friendly and very helpful and will make sure you are supported in getting your brood where they need to be.

Kidville offers a summer camp program for the younger tykes, ages 6 months to 6 years. I had the opportunity to check out the Big Muscle Builders class for ages 18-24 months. From the minute the boys walked into the room, they were immediately engaged. As usual, I thought I could take pictures, take notes and fully engage with the twinners during the class. As usual, I was wrong. Thank goodness for the very attentive staff, one in which my little guy took an instant liking to. He wouldn’t let her play or pay attention to any other kid in the room. And, she was awesome with him. (I seriously wanted to take her home!)

They played music, sang songs, walked a balance beam, jumped on a trampoline and into a bunch of foam blocks. My boys even learned how to climb up and go down a slide all on their own. There were swings, and big bouncy balls, and of course, BUBBLES!

The boys had such a great time, they were sad to leave their new friends. I personally loved how the staff was willing to jump in and help, seeing that I was on my own with two 18-month old boys. I also really liked how clean, organized and fun the rooms appear. Everything was structured, everyone was on the same page, and all the equipment was like new. Mayor Melissa runs a really great program and facility, and anyone who has ever been to Kidville agrees whole heartedly. They love bringing their kids there just because of her (and the award-winning classes, of course!).

Because Mayor Melissa is so awesome, she has offered to provide each Vegas Blogger who is writing about Camp Kidville, the opportunity to win a $25 gift card to be used towards either classes, merchandise or salon service. Even better! If you don’t win the prize, it’s cool…she is also giving 5 FREE play spaces (a $50 value) when you sign up for a Summer Camp session or Semester of classes by July 1st. Make sure to tell her Vegas Bloggers sent you!

If you are looking for a place to keep the kiddos engaged this summer, check out the summer camp program at Kidville. Remember, the 3 and up classes are drop off/pick up…think of what you can do by yourself with all that TIME! Both you and the kids will be happy campers, thanks to Kidville!

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