I do love taking photos, especially when I travel, but lugging around my Nikon D90 can be such a chore. My bags tend to become heavy and cumbersome causing me to not pull out my camera as much. Even though I don’t always love the camera on my iPhone (uh, apple, can we fix this yet?), I manage to capture our life and travel through the conveniences of Instagram. Granted, I have begun to incorporate a few new apps in my image processing before publishing, like PicTapGo, to help with the filter and lighting editing as the iPhone doesn’t always capture images the best. Even so, I love being able to create albums using my own hashtags- which help me find photos easy and also share with the brands I work with my collection of images, including comments and likes. I also love being able to throw my iPhone in my cross-body bag and have hands-free until I’m ready to grab and go. I can video, I can share with my family, and I can share with all of you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We had a jammed pack summer full of travels, and I was able to capture most of it via my iPhone and Instagram. Since today is #IGTravelThursday, courtesy of Skimbaco Lifestyle, I wanted to take the opportunity to share my Instagram Summer with you, starting with Telluride, Colorado.

Telluride, Colorado– #RSMLVTride

This was our first trip of the summer. We packed up the kids in our GMC Yukon Denali, Extended Version, and rode off into the Southwest. A 9 1/2 hour car ride from Las Vegas provided my family with the ultimate road trip. Telluride is a beautiful little mountain town in the most southwestern point of Colorado. Not super easy to get to, but the drive is beautiful. Scenic routes along the way are filled with canyons, rivers and gorges. My kids make it a game to spot the cows and horse first, usually found grazing in random, middle of nowhere fields and pastures, with a picturesque red barn off in the distance. Typically, we choose to overnight in Moab, Utah on our way up, to allow ourselves a break and to adjust to the change in altitude. This time, however, we had some trouble with our tires, and had to stop in Richfield, Utah. Not a horrible place to stop as we discovered a newly redesigned Holiday Inn Express that we were very impressed with, and will most likely be the stopping point for our next trip to Telluride. My roadtrip advice: Enjoy the journey to the destination. You can learn so much along the way.


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