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Yes! It is a direct marketing program. Let’s just get that out of the way, out in the open, let’s address the elephant in the room. It is what it is. But, I’m not here to sell you on it. I’m not even a distributor. I was invited by an acquaintance of mine to listen to her schpeel on the Reliv product for kids. She is an assistant to a Kindergarten teacher, so she’s around these frisky, energetic angels all day, and sees first hand how the lack of nutrition, no matter how hard we try, affects the body and minds of our children.

This invitation couldn’t have come at a better time. The current topics in the media in regards to chemicals, dyes, fillers, etc. being linked directly to our kids’ behaviors, got me thinking that I’m not providing my own children with enough nutrition to keep them strong and healthy and use all of their brain power, and their energy, at the right time of day. In addition, a girlfriend of mine has been spending the last 30 days eliminating all of these nasty toxins from her child’s diet in hopes it would give her some kind of answer to the unbalanced energy transfer her daughter was experiencing as well. A painstaking, time consuming task, that has actually started to pay off for her. Eventhough I habitually read labels and only allow my kids to eat certain types of food…directing them to healthier options vs fatty, sugary artificial ones…I knew I couldn’t go at it alone. Even buying organic doesn’t always promise that the tomato wasn’t picked off the vine before it ripened enough to provide our bodies with the lycopene we think we are getting. They needed something more, and I wanted a one-stop-shop of all the vitamins, minerals, Omega-3s, DHA, ARA whatever they needed. I am tired of dispensing 12 vitamins a day, and finding half of them shoved in the crayon box after they’ve left for school. I also had concerns about how much was actually being absorbed into their blood stream and what their body was utilizing.

Enter Reliv Now for Kids. It is a US distributed product, which can also be purchased in Canada and Australia as well, and has been available to the market for 22 years. It is a powder form, so it makes it even more soluble (98-99% is absorbed) and the contents are blended to create a synergistic compound, meaning they all flow and connect and groove together so they are not fighting each other once consumed. The vitamins and minerals work together to help the product do its thing.

Kelly gave me all kinds of information and real-life stories about miracle regressions and physical transformations…but she had me sold in the first few minutes of her presentation. And, I must say, I use the word “sold” lightly, because she is truly passionate about this product and really just wants others to know about it. It helped her, she believes in it, she has seen it help others, and therefore, she wants to share it with the world. She believes in this product so much, that she has graciously offered to support both of my older kids on it for three months, which is the recommended length of the trial period. This is not a cheap product! It is a lifestyle commitment, and a choice Kelly is commited to with her own family. In fact, she insists on being my consultant for the three month period to ensure that I am using Reliv for Kids properly to get the ultimate results. In return, she wants my honest opinion and review of her product, which I have offered to give her. I promised her it would not be biased, swayed or tempered in anyway. It will come straight from my own experience with it, as I know my readers trust what I have to say, and I respect that trust.

So without further ado…I give you Reliv Now for Kids! I will be posting updates periodically on my FaceBook page and Twitter, as well as posting on my blog a weekly summary of results. Again, this is a 3 month process, so a fun journey it will be! I’m so excited to try this product, I ordered some for myself! So, I’ll share that insight with you as well. In the meantime, if you want to start learning more about Reliv, check out their website and FaceBook pages.

Cheers to Nutrition!