This photo was taken by my sister, Nicole Breeden, of my brother in-law and nephew, at Union Station, in Kansas City, MO, last year, 9.11.11, on the 10 year anniversary.

If you were in Las Vegas that fateful morning, you may have felt 1,000s of miles away from the physical damage happening in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, but the emotional and mental changes that took place that day for Americans all around the world was instantaneous. No matter if you lost someone close to you, within six degrees of separation, or no one at all; we all have stories, our lives have all changed since that day, in fact the world as we knew it no longer exists. For the better or for the worse, there are arguments for both. Either way, the one thing we have in common is we are still Americans. I encourage you to honor you, today. Honor your family. Honor your loved ones. Honor America. And never, ever forget.

The photos below are of the 9-11 Memorial in New York City, taken by Katy McCann Patterson, one of my best girlfriends, who lost her aunt on 9.11.01. She spent time at the 9-11 Memorial on her recent visit to New York City, where she was able to capture her aunt’s name from the marble. 

If you are in need of support today, there are many sites and services out there to reach out to. There is a 9-11 Memorial FaceBook page where you can share your stories, as well as the 9-11 Memorial site.

God Bless. God Speed. Namaste.