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This week’s RockStar Mommy is none other than Lelhani Morris-Pouessel. Our daughters have been in the same class for the last three years, and I have had the fortunate experience of getting to know her.  Lelhani is not only dedicated to her friends, but she is also a dedicated and caring mother and wife.  In fact, she has dedicated the last 6 weeks to eliminating all dyes and artificial flavors from her children’s diet.  That is why she is this week’s RockStar Mommy!

I, myself, have been on a clean eating kick the last few years.  It is such a vast and overwhelming topic with so much hidden knowledge and different schools of thought.  When Lelhani detected that artificial flavors and colors may be the reason for her daughter’s hyperactivity, she began the committed task of eliminating all of these toxins not only from her foods and drinks, but also her everyday products like soaps and lotions.  This week, she shares with us the long road it took to discover this possibility, and what she did about it right away.  Later, she will also share with us some of her top picks for clean eats, places to find them, and how to start this process yourself.  Before we dive in, let’s get to know Lelhani on a friendly level…

My name is Lelhani Morris-Pouessel and I am the CFO and CEO of Pouessel Inc.. When I’m not doing all the tasks that those roles demand of me, I am a mom to two wonderful little girls, ages 5 and 3 years old. I am also a not very patient, but totally loving wife to Vincent Pouessel.

Before I took on all of the above roles, I was a Chef. I trained in New York, and opened hotels like The Soho Grand, and The Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C. and also had an exciting stint as the Chef for the German Consulate located across the street from the United Nations. When I moved to Las Vegas in 2001, I was able to land a job as a Sous Chef with the MGM Grand on The Strip. At that time, I was one of only 6 women who held a leadership and management position in Food and Beverage, in the Back of the House. Later in life after I got married, and decided to have children, I transitioned to a job in Sales and Marketing with Sysco Foodservices of Las Vegas, running a $1.3 million dollar territory. My life has always been touched by food and the comfort and excitement that it provides. I even went so far as to marry a French Chef! Love of food in the extreme.

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