Not a fan of cauliflower.  Huge veggie fan, though.  I even like Brussel Sprouts.  Cauliflower, however, just doesn’t do it for me.  Since I’m a challenge loving kind of a gal, I challenged myself to find a way to eat cauliflower.

A few weeks ago, I came across a shared FaceBook post from The Helpful Sister in regards to the dreaded white crunchy stuff.  It appealed to me because it was used in a curry.  Yum!  I LOVE curry!  On my next trip to Trader Joe’s I scoured the produce section looking for their mixed cauliflower selection.  It is a ready-to-go package mix of broccoli and cauliflower, but not just any cauliflower, it is a combination of orange, white, purple and green.  I heart color in my food, so I found this to be a perfect package for me!  I also came across some English style fresh green peas in a little package, and grabbed those, too, thinking that my curried cauliflower might be well accompanied with some English green peas.

I have to admit, I took the easy way out on the curry for two reasons:

  1. I forgot my phone, which has some great apps on there that help me  look up recipes.  Without my apps, I had no idea how to make my own curry.
  2. I wasn’t sure how much time I would have to put this concoction together before I had to deal with four children.

I opted for the next best thing…a bottle of the Trader Joe’s Yellow Curry Sauce.  Perhaps a bit high in sodium, but everything in moderation.

Here’s what I did:

  • I learned that you should roast your veggies to get the most nutrients.  I had also seen somewhere that cauliflower actually tastes really great roasted because it brings out a nutty flavor in the vegetable.  OK.  So I tossed it with some Olive Oil and popped it in the oven on 350 for about 15 minutes.
  • I steamed the green peas in the Beaba for about 10 minutes.
  • I figured the twins could benefit from these veggies, too, so I pureed a batch of cauliflower and peas for them to eat.  (I was right, they gobbled them up!)
  • When I was ready for my dinner, I cooked up some 3 minute Trader Joe’s Frozen Brown Rice, piled on my cauliflower and peas, then topped it off with a light layer of the ready made curry sauce.  It was SO good.

I was worried my kids wouldn’t eat it, so that was the same night I made them the little pizzas.  There are essentially two nights a week that we eat together as a family because of my husband’s schedule.  On those nights, there are no menu selections…you get what we make (my husband and I like to cook together), and that’s that.  But on nights when it’s just the three of us (the babies are in bed by 6pm), then I’m a little more flexible.

Surprisingly, the kids loved the curry sauce with the peas and the rice, so I gave them a side of it in addition to their pizzas.

There you go…quick, easy and healthy! (Granted, even more healthy if you make your own curry sauce.  Will try that next time.)

Do you have a great cauliflower dish you think I should try?  Post it on my FaceBook Page.  If I love it, I will feature it in my RockStar Series: What’s Cooking?