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One of the exciting things about teaching kids yoga in my RockStar Yogis classes is the challenge of discovering a vehicle to deliver the thoughts, words and patterns that are familiar to them without pointing out the obvious. Song fills the soul, heart and mind. There are studies proving, for some, it is easier to learn through song then straight textbook. In this, I believe. My children both had the most amazing 2nd grade teacher who taught the names of the presidents (all 43 of them!), all 50 states and capitals, and the preamble to the Constitution all in songs that she wrote both lyrics and music. You know how I know this works? They are in 6th and 4th grade, respectively, and they still run down the states, capitals and presidents by humming along to the tune until they get the answer they were searching. Admittedly, I now do the same with all four of her songs. Once, in Washington, D.C., on a tour of the U.S. Capitol building, they both busted out the songs to our tour guide, in harmony. They get stuck in your head, but it’s a good thing if the song is teaching something!

I'm a little yogi rockstar yogis sing songs

I love thinking about tunes to songs kids know, and how I can rearrange them to create a mini-flow. You can do this, too! Take a moment to hum along to one of your child’s favorite songs, take a few lines, and see how you can replace words and add movements associated with yoga. Or, do it together. The moves do not have to be complicated at all. Start by thinking of some of your favorite yoga poses or flows, or ask your child about their favorite poses, then put them in combination with an easy tune. Whether it be an old fashioned nursery rhyme or something off the KidzBop station, find something you both like to sing together. Don’t over complicate it…K I S S (Keep It Simple Shishya!). Here’s a new one I’ve added to my playlist in my RockStar Yogi classes:

I’m a Little Yogi

Sung to the tune of, “Im a Little Teapot”

I’m a little yogi

calm and wise

here is my mudra

here is my spine

I take a deep breath in

reach my arms to the sky

And exhale peace, love and light

(start with kids sitting in lotus or criss cross apple sauce, spreading fingers wide, clapping hands together, then placing thumb in the center of chest)

hands at heart center | photo by Stefanie Van Aken rockStar Yogis

I’m a little yogi

calm and wise

(keeping hands together touch thumbs to forehead on calm, mouth on and, back to heart on wise)

hands to mouth | photo by Stefanie Van Aken RockStar Yogis

here is my mudra

(have children make “ok” fingers looking with their eyes through the wholes, then placing hands on knees)mudra lotus | photo by Stefanie Van Aken RockStar Yogis

here is my spine

(reach up and back behind shoulders to reach for spine- this allows children to be mindful of straightening their spines)

I'm a little yogi rockstar yogis

I take a deep breath in, raise my hands to the sky

(raise hands above head, take a deep breath)

hands to the sky | photo by Stefanie Van Aken RockStar Yogis

and exhale peace, love and light

(clap hands together again above head, and slowly place them back at heart center)

heart center focus | photo by Stefanie Van Aken RockStar Yogis

Let Your Light Shine

Disclaimer: I like to think that I make these songs up all on my own, I even google lines to make sure I am not missing anything. With that being said, this song was created by Stefanie Van Aken of RockStar Yogis. Any duplication is pure coincidence. 

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