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When you grow up in a small, yet big, town like Vegas, you start to realize that you know a lot of people.  It starts to become something like playing the Kevin Bacon Six-Degrees of Separation game.  Which is kind of how I met Ashley (Flatt) Massi.  She went to school with my cousin and dated another Vegas native I knew since he was a baby.  We only met though right before she married him, and we hit it off ever since.  Lucky for me, she introduced me to some pretty amazing community peeps, and I’m grateful for the connections.  Though I’ve enjoyed meeting all of them (Meg Lowery), I’ve especially enjoyed meeting her mother, Leigh.  Leigh has been working with The Smith Center since they began their fundraising campaign a little over a year ago.  Over the summer, Ashley graciously offered (OK, I twisted her arm and bribed her a little) to write a series of posts highlighting all the amazing things happening at The Smith Center.  Leigh took us on a tour of their offices showing us the bell, the wall of donors, the buildings recreated to scale (the building itself is still under construction) and introduced us to even more amazing people over at The Smith Center, and I cannot wait to share what we learned with all my RockStar Readers!

Ashley’s guest posts on RockStarMomLV is just the beginning of a series I will be introducing the Las Vegas community to.  Look for posts on Candy Schneider’s Children’s Book List, The Discovery Children’s Museum and The Nevada Ballet Theatre to follow.  Without further ado, I introduce you to, RockStarMommies: Ashley Massi.

Ashley Massi is a kinda sorta stay at home mom of two amazing kids, Addison (3) and Dominic (5).  She works part time (from home) as a freelance publicist.  She worked for 5 years on the Nevada Silverman Triathlon and is handling the public relations and media outreach for the upcoming ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships, in Henderson, Nevada.  She claims once this race is over she is going to retire, but we all know better than that! Ashley is a native Las Vegan’ and lives in Henderson with her awesome little family.