Today’s post is sponsored by Slendertone Ab Belt. I was given this product to use for 8 weeks in lieu of review.

My 8 week trial period with the Slendertone Ab Belt has come to an end. Final results: I have lost 2″ and 6 lbs since beginning the journey with Slendertone Ab Belt. As mentioned before, I have been focusing on a proper diet and exercise. It is not always easy, but the truth is, without undergoing some sort of plastic surgery, consistent diet and exercise is what will work, eventually. With that being said, I did enjoy using the Slendetone Ab Belt on a regular basis. I did feel it working on my muscles, deep down in the interior, the hard to reach places. Do I think this contraption will work miracles? No. But it is also not meant to. I found it to be a nice addition to what I was already doing. And, when I was not able to do stick with that regular routine, then having the Slendertone Ab Belt to at least assist on those busy days made me feel like I was getting some sort of work out done.

slendertone abs system

By setting realistic expectations and goals, the Slendertone Ab Belt can fit in nicely with your current fitness routine. Just do not expect it to work on its own. Over all function of this equipment worked professionally and properly. Customer service and manual were thorough and empowering. Even videos are available on how to make the proper use out of it. I did find myself consciously holding my stomach in more, and tightening my abs. Especially when I was picking my kids or other heavy items. Also, the last several week of consistent use has also made me more aware of my posture, and I find myself aligning my hips and using my stomach muscles more. Definitely an improvement from before use of the Slendertone Ab Belt.


You can always learn more by visiting to see how this fitness product can work into your every day routine. Thank you Slendertone Ab Belt for the opportunity to try something new!