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Ah, yes…these photos were taken of me back in the day. Back when I had no kids. A full time job, a boyfriend (now husband) and nothing else to do but cook healthy meals and work out. Wow. That was only 12 years ago, and somehow it feels like it was 10,000 years ago. Four babies later, and my hot rocking bod is nothing like it used to be. My healthy meals now consist of black coffee for breakfast, lunch wherever I can grab it, and wine for dinner. It’s no wonder my physique and my energy levels are just all out of whack! Sitting in front of the computer most of the day, picking-up two 25-lb. babies and lugging around a shoulder bag that weighs more than me has also done some pretty ugly damage to my shoulders and back. Even after several years of working and two kids, I still was in pretty good shape. Part of my daily work routine at the company I worked for prior to the twins was to participate in group fitness classes 4-6 times a week. One can only imagine how much firmer my belly was and stronger my arms were. Now, I’m just a big bowl of mushy jelly.

Next week I will have to attend 5, yes 5, black-tie and cocktail events with my husband. I am so not looking forward to putting on some of these dresses. I, mean, I love to get dressed up and look amazing, but honestly, my figure has left me less than feeling amazing when I have to get dressed to go on the town. There’s always a big dreadful *sigh* when I start to think about the preparation it takes to cram myself into some Spanx and cross my fingers my over extended belly will appear to be somewhat slim and flat in the dress I have picked out. I have decided it’s got to be cheaper to be thinner! All these undergarments to do the job cost anywhere from $25-100, and that’s just for one! I find myself layering at times because I need more support in certain areas. When that happens, forget drinking anything all night long!

It is finally time for me to take a stand. I ran into a friend of mine, Adam Gentz, who is a certified personal trainer. We met many, many moons ago when he first moved to Las Vegas. In fact, he was my personal trainer before my wedding (like I needed one then?!). We have always kept in touch, and I knew he would do great things. He is a very friendly, educated and focused kind of guy. He listens to your goals because he wants you to get results. I remember him telling me several years ago about his dream to open his own fitness facility in Las Vegas. Two years ago he turned that dream into a reality and opened the Strength Center Las Vegas. Because he is such an amazing guy, he attracted the likes of Donny Osmond, who came to him for training during his stint on Dancing With The Stars. Donny, won, by the way, and Adam did, too. He knocked it out of the ballpark! Which made him realize he was ready to move onto the next phase, Strength Center Performance.

Strength Center Performance is all about the group training and fitness classes, covering all types of fitness activities like TRX, yoga, Body Pump and Kettle-bells, with some of the best instructors the Valley has to offer. The group area holds 15-2o people comfortably, has state of the art, latest equipment, and a kid’s area to make it even more convenient for mom’s trying to fit in a 60-minute workout into their daily routine.

I ran into Adam recently because he has been training my dad. We started talking about my fitness goals, and his goals with the Strength Center, and came up with a pretty sweet fitness challenge that he is letting me offer to my RockStarMomLV readers. Dig this…

Re-Invent Yourself with Strength Center Performance Challenge


(5) Local females who are looking to Re-Invent their bodies through the help of personal training and group fitness and nutritional assessment.


(5) Strength Center work-outs a week, including both private training and group sessions with their amazing instructors and awesome classes!

Nutritional Assessment and Healthy Eating Plan

Body Composition Analysis

Goal Setting


Strength Center Performance

1450 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite A504

Henderson, NV 89012


April 16-June 16*

*For optimal results, a 60-day challenge is recommended.


A journey of “Before” and “After” with each lucky finalist will be documented on Facebook. I will also be documenting my experience right here on my blog.

Selected candidates will be able to schedule their weekly fitness routines as it works for them. There will also be cool competitions and challenges throughout the journey with great incentives along the way!

All interested candidates who can commit to the Re-Invent Yourself Challenge guidelines, should complete this application. Follow RockStarMomLV and Strength Center on Facebook, and RSMLV and Strength Center Performance on Twitter.


Adam said something interesting to me at our meeting the other day, when your body gets used to carrying around extra weight, it makes you crave things to help you maintain it. Which got me thinking that I know exactly what and how I should eat and exersizing, but since this babies, my lifestyle has become more sedentary, and my body is now craving that. I need to break out of my bad habits and re-teach myself those good habits I once had, not that long ago. It’s going to be a tough road, but I know once I get past the 30-day mark it will all be downhill from there. Maybe I will even be able to put on a 2-piece this summer! OK, well, maybe a tank-ini.

Why? Because I want to look like that one day without plastic surgery!

This is not about making you something you’re not. It’s not about turning you into something you don’t want to be. It’s about personal assessment. Personal goals. Finding a balance between nutrition, fitness and life. It’s about Re-inventing Yourself to live that life you want to create.


The value of participating in this challenge is estimated to be $1500 per person. I am being compensated by Strength Center Performance by means of being able to participate in this challenge.