Yup.  It seems just like yesterday I wrote my final blog post for the summer, and decided I was going to take a 30-day break to get in some final vacation time with the family, get re-charged, re-inspired and re-directed.  Now, that 30 days flew by…kids are in school, babies are napping, and wow…looks like I have some time to spare.  Right.

First off, I want to thank my readers for your support in my creative break.  My numbers may have dropped, but I’m taking that as a sign of encouragement meaning that you, too, stepped away from your computer to enjoy life outside the digital media world.  How important is it to do that?  It’s time you never get back.  I hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as I did.

My upcoming series of posts will be all about the things I did, no doubt- San Diego, Disneyland, time spent with my kids and time figuring stuff out.  I also can’t wait to introduce you to some of the new things happening at RockStarMomLV.com.  I think you are going to be impressed!  To make sure you are in the know, sign up for my monthly newsletter.  It’s the bar at the top of the screen.  Just for the record, the one of the right of the screen is to sign up for my feeds.  The difference is that the newsletter will be sent to your email once a month with updates on events, give-aways, promos, etc. specific to Las Vegas.  My feeds is an email sent to you whenever I post on my blog, like this one.  In order for me to send you the newsletter, you have to opt in to that mailing list as well.

I totally appreciate your support, and I understand how overwhelming social media can be…so do what feels right for you!

So excited to get this ball rolling again!