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This summer, crossing all my fingers and toes, I will get to take an amazing vacation with my husband and my two older kids to Indonesia, Bali, to be exact.

Bali Indonesia Jimbaran Bay Ritz Carlton

10 years ago in Bali. Cannot believe how young and thin we were!

RockStarHubby and I will be married 10 years on May 4th. We honeymooned in Bali, and fell in love with the culture, the atmosphere, and the land. One morning, on our lanai eating breakfast and looking out over the ocean, we were chatting about the next time we would be able to come back for a visit. It’s almost a 24-hour flight with the time change and layovers…it’s not like just hoping on a flight to Europe or Hawaii. We figured with the costs and the time, it most likely wouldn’t be for another 20-years until we could get back. And, since we figured we would be twenty years older with kids, we decided we would come back with them and renew our vows.

Bali Elephant

This is my kids' favorite photo. They can't wait to see all the animals up close and personal.

Then, something really super cool happened a few months ago…my best friend from college got engaged. Beyond the fact that I am just thrilled for her, I couldn’t help but have a slightly selfish reason attached for wanting to be at her wedding. See, we were also room mates, and would stay up for hours talking about our future goals and plans. We both had intentions of travelling and spending time living internationally, though she ended up really succeeding in that arena. Being from the Bay Area, she started working for a little company called, Shopping.com, that was bought several years later by another little company called eBay. They moved her down to Australia, where she lived for 4 years, met a hot Aussie, fell in love, got engaged…now they are living in Singapore. Lucky for me, their favorite romantic vaca spot is Bali, where they are planning on getting hitched. My dreams of an anniversary trip were moved up by 10 years!

Pretty close to the last time I wore a bikini!

So, now I am diligently shopping for cool, earthy, funky, islander style clothing for my kids. When my oldest son was a baby, I searched high and low for great pieces that were cute and different for little boys. I dedicated myself (and busted my budget) to baby boutique shopping, and came across this line called Tea Collection. Very apropo for me, I thought at least, and represented so many things about my own style that I loved. Tea, for one, and casual, cool clothes with a worldly vibe. Even better, it was for kids. They make the most adorable boys and girls line…from baby to big kid. The best part is that, yes, it can be boutique prices, but, if you are a good shopper, you’ll find deals all over the place, like sales at Nordstroms, end of season sales at boutiques, and on-line special offers. What I also love about this line is that I kept the clothes from my first son, and now my twins are wearing those items 7 years later. The quality lasts. It’s amazing. I have also bought my daughter some great pieces that I have handed down to friends. I cannot wait to start shopping at Tea Collection for our upcoming trip!

Not much has changed! Still fishing with the locals...

If you are in the market to purchase some great kids outfits for Spring Break or Summer vacation, check out the Tea Collection. Makes for great family photo opps, too!

Here is a message from Tea:

Spring is right around the corner and Tea Collection has put together the most adorable Spring 2012 Collection designed and influenced by the island of Bali. Shop the new collection now and take advantage of Tea Collection’s 10% off coupon (no minimum required) with promo code SS12SAS valid through 3/31/12. Although I love the entire collection below are a few of my absolute favorites!

I absolutely adore the Dancing Fern Dress. The colors and design make this the perfect dress for a school picture or a casual family gathering. Boys will love the Monkey King Teeinspired by the Ramayana Monkey Chant dance in Bali. Don’t worry moms! Tea Collection has even designed a Bali collection for women and I love the Artisan Ikat Tunic. It’s lightweight and goes perfect with a pair of jeans.

I can’t wait to get my shopping on!