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Ah…sippy cups.  The dilemma, the choices, the aggravation, the thousands of Disney themed plastic cups littering your cupboards.  The once designated area for your beautiful wedding dishes is now overwhelmed with 8 different styles…some with valves, some with straws, some that have no parts but leak all over the place.  Which one do you choose and how do you make that transition?

As a mom of 4, one would think that I would be the expert on this.  But, alas, my twins are ready to bag the bottle and move on to the sippy, and I’m at a loss as to how to get them to the Start line for toddler-hood.  Maybe deep down inside, I just don’t want them to make that transition yet.  They look like babies to me with their little “bas” hanging out of their mouths.  I love how their entire demeanor changes when they get that fix.  Relaxation washes over their little faces, and all the tension in their little baby world is released once that nipple is popped into their mouths. Once they start with the sippy, then they’ll be walking, then talking, next thing I know they’re pushing me around in a wheelchair feeding me a bottle with milk in it.  Yeah, maybe it’s me who’s not ready.

My husband is hot on my trail though to make that transition.  He’s also the same guy that forced all my babies out of our room at 3 months.  OUT!  Which, in reality, was probably for the best.  He keeps us on task with this kind of stuff. Since I’m tired of the entire contents of my kiddie cabinet falling on my head every time I open it, I’ve decided to buy the stainless steel style like I by my big kids. They are low maintenance, stay cleaner longer, and are eco friendly. Meaning I won’t need to purchase 100 of them.   I love them.  As I was scouring the millions of options available on the web, and not sure which ones to invest my money in, it dawned on me to check in with my favorite moms over at Mighty Nest.  I shot Might Nest expert, Tracy Zeidler, an email in regards to this topic, asking her which one she would pick.  Just so happens Tracy is experiencing the same exact dilemma with her 13 month old daughter.

Here is what Tracy had to say about her top 3 choices, all available on Mighty Nest: 

Fogo Sippy Cups

We’ve had the best luck with the Foogo by Thermos. It has handles, making it easy to hold, a soft silicone spout perfect for teething mouths (they won’t be able to scratch it up or cause much damage un-like ones with hard plastic spouts).  Plus, they can use it for awhile (my co-worker’s 3 year old still asks for it!)  It is light-weight compared to other stainless steel sippy cups, but slightly heavier than plastic ones.  I also like that it has a removable valve – we started off without the valve which meant lots of spilling but I thought it was easier for my daughter to learn to use it.  We just started adding in the valve last week (and sometimes we still remove it if she’s too tired and getting frustrated, particularly at night) but its nice to have that flexibility.  And finally, its insulated so it will keep milk (and other contents) cold for awhile.

Safe Sippy 2My second choice would be the Safe Sippy 2. It almost seems too long/tall for my daughter to maneuver but my friend with 16 month old twins says her boys love it. I do like that it can be both a straw cup and a sippy cup so you can use it for a long time. http://mightynest.com/shop/baby-kid-gear/sippy-cups/safe-sippy-2

Life Factory Glass BottlesWe used the Lifefactory baby bottles so we tried their sippy adapter, as well.  It’s a great choice if you already have the baby bottles, but it hasn’t been my favorite for a transition cup. It’s a little hard for her to hold because it doesn’t have any handles.  She can grip the silicone but it’s still a little clumsy without handles  and she inevitably drops it with a bang.  It’s durable and hasn’t broken but not ideal for us for a sippy at this stage.  Although, I do love that its glass so I’m hopeful that as her motor skills advance she’ll be able to use it in the future.

Thanks, Tracy!  Normally, I would have to put this in the disclaimer, but I’m going ahead and telling you all, I have purchased the Safe Sippy 2, with my own funds to try out on the boys.  I already own the Kleen Kanteen Kid Kanteen Sippy (which is also a top seller at Mighty Nest).  My next purchase is to try out the Foogo by Thermos.  I will address my discoveries and the winner in my next post, as I am willing to bet, if Tracy and I were both exploring our options on the same topic, many of you are as well.

If you want to try some, too, Mighty Nest is running a special promotion through the month of October and everything is 10% off!  Use this promo code at checkout: MNSeal10

OK, so now I know which sippys to try, I need some sage advice on how to get the babies to actually drink out of them.  Holla back RockStarMommies!  I know you’ve got some great tips to share with all of us!  Leave your comment below…share the love!

What tips do you have to successfully ween babies from bottles to sippy cups?