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I am at a loss of words to describe the excitement within me when it comes to The Smith Center. Last week, I was invited to tour the facility before it opens to the public this Friday, March 10th.


That’s it. I don’t have any other words left. You have to see it for yourself and you will then know what I’m talking about. And, if you are a supporter of the Arts and Education for the city of Las Vegas, then I highly recommend taking the time to learn more about the history and the people who made this bold idea a reality. We are blessed. If you follow me on Twitter, then you would have experienced the tour right along with me. Just in case, here’s my Top 10 of Why I am in Awe of The Smith Center:

10.  It is breath taking. From the outside to the inside. Every step is beautifully planned and laid out, and it is just absolutely breath taking.

9.The decor and art work pay homage to the days that built the city of Las Vegas, namely, those days during the construction of the Hoover Dam.

8.  The replica of the Winged Victory Angel in the lobby.

7.  The Terrazzo flooring used to pay tribute to the style and decor of the Hoover Dam.

6.  The bronze pig statue and iris flowers in the Founders Room.

5.  The colorful iron sculpture in Symphony Park.

4.  The Bowman Pavillion.

3.  A new place for the Nevada Ballet, Las Vegas Philharmonic and Discovery Children’s Museum to call home.

2.  Candy Schneider, the Vice President of Outreach and Education, and Myron Martin, CEO.

The Smith Center VP - Candy Schneider

Vice President of Education and Outreach, Candy Schneider (Photo Credit Kim Ulmanis)

And, the number 1 thing that has me so wrapped up in awe for this magnificent building…The People.  The people that designed the acoustics, the people who built the facilities, the people that loaned the art work, the people commissioned to create the artwork, the people who donated their time, the people who donated their money, the people who committed to building a project this city has been needing and wanting for years.  This truly is a project by the people, for the people.

Here is your chance to not only support the Arts and Education for our city, but to also enjoy it! Right here, in our own backyard, Downtown Las Vegas, is one of the most extraordinary theatrical and musical facilities that rivals many of the greats not only in our country, but around the world.  Do something amazing for yourself…get down to The Smith Center and enjoy a Broadway show, or a cocktail at The Bowman Pavillion, or an outdoor concert in Symphony Park.  Date night, girls night or bring the kids, no matter how you roll, it’s going to be a memorable experience.

James Canfield Artistic Director Nevada Ballet

James Canfield, Artistic Director Nevada Ballet (photo credit Kim Ulmanis)

Fast Facts:

The Star Studded, “I Was There,” event for  Opening Night is Invitation Only, but you can still request tickets (if you hurry!).  There is a very limited availability starting in the $250 range and up.  Black Tie affair with some pretty impressive peeps, like Neil Patrick Harris.

Whether it’s your first theater production, or one of many, it is usually a rare opportunity to find tickets to a Broadway show for $24 a ticket! Tickets are now on sale for The Color Purple, the premier show at Reynolds Hall.

The Nevada Ballet will celebrate it’s 40th anniversary with it’s first performance at The Smith Center, Saturday, May 5th at 7pm.