Today’s Thoughts on 39 post is sponsored by Slendertone Abs Belt.

That’s what the commercial boasts. I’m willing to give it a shot. After three pregnancies, one being a multiple birth, and three c-sections later, I’ve got nothing to lose. I am also embarking on my journey to 39, which means 40 is looming over my head like a distant, yet attainable (and unavoidable) goal. I have dedicated the first 6 months of 2014, which also happen to be the last 6 months of me being 38, into redesigning myself with a new outlook, amazing energy and the best physique I can possibly obtain. If you know anything about me, you know that I eat as clean as possible ala my recent juice cleanse, and will do just about anything to avoid plastic surgery. Don’t get me wrong, I have not completely ruled out a tummy tuck, but as I mentioned, I have had three c-sections and that is some serious pain and recovery time. I’ve also been told tummy tucks are more painful than c-sections to recover from, so I’m dedicating these last, well, 16 months, to whittle down that waist as far as it will go before I make my decision. The opportunity to gain tighter abs in 45 days with Slendertone Abs Belt came at the perfect time.

Laugh if you must, but honestly, I’m really interested to see if it works. Since my twins were born, I have tried everything fitness related to get my stomach muscles back from the land of mush into something I can press on and feel at least a slight bit of resistance. Before the boys I was probably in the best shape I had been in since my wedding day, and high school before that. After my twins, I tried everything from running, walking, yoga, pilates, barre, personal trainers, cross fit, and cross training. Nothing I have found reaches into those tiny muscles that were destroyed during those child bearing months. I’m hoping the Slendertone Abs Belt will be the start of first, finding those muscles, then helping me develop them into firmer abs. Here’s how the Slendertone Abs Belt works:

slendertone abs belt

Now, I’m not going to be silly enough to think that just by wearing this belt the recommended three daily 20-minute sessions 5 times a week will result in super model status, although, that would be optimal. I have also committed myself to eating healthier and working out 60 minutes a day, 5 times a week- not including the sessions I do with the belt. I really want it to work, so am going to follow protocol and do the 6 week session. I’ll be posting as I go along, and hope you follow along in my journey to better abs. It’s also just not about looking good for me. The core supports your entire body. By getting that muscle strength back I know it will only help in my journey to be  ready for my 40s with more energy and power. I’ve got to start somewhere, mine as well #StartHere with Slendertone Abs Belt.

Thank you Slendertone Abs Belt for sponsoring today’s post and supporting my goals to a better belly by 40!