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Last summer, a friend convinced me to by my first pair of TOMS. We happened to be shopping at Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. I had seen the TOMS brand and admired their philosophy of One for One, but wasn’t convinced they were the right look for me. Then I saw the exclusive collection made for the Neiman Marcus stores. I bought the canvas cheetah print for around $85 (yes, I paid that much for a pair of TOMS), and that was that. They have lasted me  through social media conferences, conventions, Disneyland, busy airports…they are comfy, great and stylish enough for me. So, I bought my daughter a pair of the pink sparkly ones. Then the same friend bought the twins a pair for their 1st birthdays. We are addicted to TOMS!

toms neiman marcus

My daughter and I were introduced to the Style Your Sole event when we attended the D23 conference last summer. It was crazy crowded, so we didn’t even attempt to check it out. We heard it was cool, though, so when I was approached by Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas to cover their event, I was way excited.

Toms Style your Sole


I purchased a new pair of TOMS for my daughter, oldest son and the nanny (she deserves a pair after all the walking we make her do!) from Neiman Marcus. TOMS hires local artists to participate in the event. The kids draw a picture of what they want their shoes to look like, and the artists take acrylic paints and create your kids’ vision on their new pair of TOMS.

Both of my kids loved the event. There was a great photo booth, cookies, juice, coloring activities and slides to keep the kids entertained while the artists were busy working. The shoes came out great, the kids had a good time, and we all supported a wonderful cause. Now they have their own exclusive pair of TOMS without the added cost!

To learn more about the TOMS Style Your Sole events, check out their website. You can even learn how to have your own Style Your Sole party!