Last week, the Helpful Sister helped direct us to some amazing toys to get us ready for some extremely hot, summer fun!  This week, her lists continues focused on those kids ages 4 & up. Starting off this week is one my favorite memories from my own childhood…take a look!

Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker by Back to Basics Toys ($19.99)

Nothing cools you down like Snoopy on ice. Your kids will love the characters and also the nice ice cold treat. Join in the fun with them, I dare you.


Keeping Cool! Having Fun!

Super Water Slide from Hearthsong ($69.98)

The Cadillac of water slides. Have endless hours of fun with your children and all the neighbors. Perfect for any Summer playtime. It recommends age 4 and up however the end pool would be great for toddlers.

5-7  years

Nerf SuperSoaker Rattler Water Blaster via ($23.17)

Big Birthday Party Gift Favorite Too!

Nerf has been around for years, so it is no wonder this made the list. With this many years of experience Nerf gets fun done right. This highly rated SuperSoaker will make all the kids want to stay outside, even when the sunscreen and shade has gone.

For Families:

Family Fun at the Park

Super Portable Outdoor Blanket by One Step Ahead (39.95)

This blanket works great on grass, sand and even that bouncy rubber stuff at some water parks. This blanket is big enough for your family and is durable. Better have something for those days the kids are outside and playing. They might take a snack break and it will be a good thing you have this for them to camp out on, even if it is for a second.

Inside Game Ages 6 +

Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

Say Uncle Game from Fat Brain Toys ($8.95)

Family time just got even better. But also this is something those older kids can pick up and entertain themselves with. This game has some fun artwork to add to the kid’s enjoyment. The price and the company make a perfect combination.



Thanks, Helpful Sister!  Enjoy your summer, everyone!



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