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I just returned from a lovely 3-day get away with my RockStar husband. Though we were able to sneak away from our kiddos for three days with the help of our parents, we didn’t sneak off to that uber 5-diamond, luxury resort, on a beach, with a private butler and extreme fine dining. Nope, instead, we holed ourselves up in a modest establishment, on a modest room level with modest accommodations. We walked everywhere we went (no private car or limos), and I only wore heels once. Instead of all the glitz and glam often confused with an experience being romantic, we opted for jammies at 5:30, sleeping in until 11 every morning, and catching up on our glossies and movies. We found a favorite little bistro we went to for lunch every day. Got pizza to go one night in our room. Enjoyed cocktails with the happy hour crowd at the common area fire pit. After having the chance to become so relaxed and well rested, we also discovered that we really liked each other!

We talked and laughed and enjoyed the silence. But most importantly, we did it together. It was that moment it dawned on me that romance really is just a state of mind. If we can alter that state just a little bit and find romance in any situation, maybe our expectation of Valentine’s Day won’t let us down. I challenge you to change your state of mind today and find romance in a way you never expected.

Valentine's Day

How do you like to travel on Valentine’s Day?