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I am a firm believer in having the right gear for everything –sports, fashion, travel, school, home organization- the list goes on. It makes the experience that much better. The right product can also create efficiency giving you the value of time on its ROI. Albeit, the right gear doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but I do value quality and am not afraid to spend a few extra bucks to get something I know will work properly and have staying power. I am also quite obsessed with finding said products. I will search high and low, inside and out, up, down and around to make sure it is the most of all of the above. For you my friends, you get to reap the benefits of what I find to be the latest and greatest for travel products today.* (Reminding you about affiliate links and 3rd party sites…see below for more info on this subject.) 

A Adam Elements Worldwide Travel Adapter Omnia TA502 is a magical cube. On all four sides, there is some sort of plug for some sort of outlet, including 2 USB ports for charging. Much easier from the days of lugging around a plastic box full of optional adapters for the countries you were visiting. The A Adam Elements Worldwide Travel Adapter comes in a variety of colors, has an LED indicator light for charging status, can charge devices between 100-240 voltage, has a built-in safety fuse to protect your devices, and can be used in over 150 countries. Plus, it’s light and it just looks cool. It is not, however, capable or suggested for use with items such as a hairdryer, coffee pot or iron.

A Adam Elements Omnia TA502


Tumi Universal Power Adapter with USB –Grounded covers what the Omnia TA502 does not, which isn’t much, but in case you need a grounded outlet for the devices mentioned above (hairdryer, coffee pot or iron– or any other high power appliances), the Tumi Universal Power Adapter has your back. It works similar to the OmniaTA502 where the prongs pop in and out based on usage, also has a fuse, and comes in a styled carrying case. It only has 1 USB port, but worth the convenience of having a grounded adapter in case you need to travel with your coffee pot. Kidding. I have the Dyson hair dryer, and that hair dryer for sure, if I ever decided to take it internationally, would definitely need this type of adapter.

Tumi Universal Power Adapter with usb grounded

flight001 T5 Series Family Travel Organizer is my most favorite Friday Find so far! Talk about searching high and low to find the best products– on a recent trip to New York City, my girlfriend and I were determined to find the flight001 store in Greenwich Village. It was worth the trek to the travel goodies mecca just to find this one organizational masterpiece. This is the best find for my family of 6 as a travel necessity. One place to keep all passports zipped up and neat. There’s also room credit or rewards cards, a pen loop, and a detachable wristlet so you can be hands-free while getting through security or checking into the hotel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this exact piece on their site, but give the Greenwich Village location a call and see if they will drop ship to you. (212) 989-0001

flight001 t5 series family travel organizer


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