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Wondering what I’ve been up to lately?  Well, thanks to you, my loyal fans and readers, my blog, Inside the Mind of a RockStarMom, has been elevated to a higher ground.  While working to connect with the Las Vegas community, I started to meet some really neat and just plain amazing women who were also Social Media Savvy Las Vegas Bloggers.  Instantly we recognized that, while one voice speaking for many was awesome, what would that awesome-ness be like if we added many?  And, from there, developed the concept of growing my already established networking community on FaceBook, to a forward thinking, campaign-ready group of incredible women with a mission to build brands and business in Las Vegas.  But, why stop there?  Las Vegas is a top market city for national brands as well, and we are building the Social Media community here to prove it!

Together with some pretty admirable women, Lala Sams of TheDealFanatic, and Toni Spilsbury of OrganizedCook, we combined our goals and efforts to create a fabulous, fun and funky group of  social media mavens rocking the local’s scene in Vegas.  And, voila! Vegas Bloggers was created!

Vegas Bloggers

With Lala Sams and Toni Spilsbury

In between RockStarMomLV and VegasBloggers is me still working to create a balance of family, career, marriage and parenting…in true RockStarMomLV form. But, I want to thank you because without you, this launching pad wouldn’t have existed.  I am truly excited and grateful for what’s to come for 2012, and I hope you stay and endure the journey with me.

RockStarMomLV itself is beginning to transition into a true lifestyle niche of all things Vegas.  As you know, you just can’t beat the perspective of a true Las Vegas native, and I love to hear from my community.  Please feel free to leave comments on my blog and/or requests on my FaceBook page telling me what you’re dying to know from a native’s point of view about Las Vegas.

VegasBloggers will focus on the fabulous photographers, foodies, crafters, couponers, travel experts, lifestyle and family bloggers the Las Vegas Valley has to offer, while helping local and national brands and businesses tap into a specific demographic that meets their businesses needs.

Thanks for letting me share with you and thanks for taking the time to share with me! (And, share me with other!) There is no better place to learn, love and grow than within the confines of your community.  You guys rock!

To learn more about VegasBloggers visit us on the web, FaceBook or Twitter!