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In the dimly lit couple’s room, behind the sheer curtain, I confessed one of my secrets to my husband as he sat on the other side sipping a glass of champagne and waiting for me to show off the red lace corset and panty I was trying on.  “I love lingerie.”

Ya ya ya…what girl doesn’t, right?  Well, for me, it is more of an obsession.  My freshman year of college, my mom took me to Victoria’s Secret for the first time.  I was in awe at the price of panties!  I refused and spent half on cotton thongs from Mervyn’s and the rest probably on beer.  Then my junior year of college, I studied in Aix-en-Provence, France.  One weekend while I was exploring the city, I spotted a lingerie shop, and decided to pop in.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the bras were…intricate lace designs with thin straps held together by delicate gold brackets.  I decided to try on a set.  I was hooked.  While all the other girls I was studying with spent their money on bags and shoes, I sought out every lingerie shop in every city I visited.  I came home with at least 10 matching bra and panty sets, along with nighties, garters and thigh highs.  They thought I was nuts to spend such outrageous amounts on these things, but the fun I had getting dressed up!  The secrets I kept from boyfriends during dinner, with slight reveals of certain things…I would plan my outfits around my lingerie.  I had an entire bridal shower dedicated to it for my honeymoon.  For better choice of words, I was a lingerie whore.  That’s right.  And my husband was a happier man for it.

Then I had kids.  And my flat stomach was no longer flat.  And my boobs were no longer perky on their own.  And I didn’t look as cute in my silks and lace and leathers.  So, I opted for comfy granny panties, over-sized t-shirts and cotton jammie pants.  While pregnant with the twins, my husband’s work had him doing some business at this intimate little sex shop (as he referred to it) called Kiki’s. Every so often, he would bring me home a classy and discreet black shopping bag, secured with black tape and decorated with an ivory satin ribbon.  Keep in mind, I was anywhere from 4-6 months pregnant with twins.  Inside would be the cutest jammies I had seen in awhile.  The sales staff knew I was pregnant and would tailor outfits to complement my expanding belly.  Not only were they cute, but they were insanely comfortable.  The more he brought home, the sexier they got. They fit, and they looked great.  I felt sexy again!  I was so impressed with the shop, the sales girls and the product, that I brought my girlfriends there for a GNO.  My love for sexy lingerie had been reignited.

Accessorized in the Poppy Corset Belt with Toni Spilsbury at the Organized Cook launch in Las Vegas

So, when they invited us to their Fashions Night Out party, I responded right away.  The Kiki de Montparnasse boutique located inside the Crystals CityCenter is reminiscent of walking into a boutique in Paris.  The lights are low, the fixtures are romantic, the design is clean, simple and elegant.  Right away, we were offered a glass of champagne and a mixture of figs, strawberries and other aphrodisiacs.  The girls suggested we retreat to the couple’s room where we could be alone, and I could model some styles from their latest collection.  They also handed my husband a Polaroid camera and told him he had 5 shots available for him to take home.  The couple’s room is a quiet space hidden by heavy velvet curtains, with a brass, antique looking clothes rack, and peacock feathers covering the lights.  She also handed me some toys…masks, beads, a boa and a whip.  I tried on several items including these amazing skinny jeans with an endless front pocket (a little to the right, dear), a black lace bra and panty set from the Le Soliel collection, lace tights, and a red corset top and matching bottom from the Ingenue collection paired with a silk nurses costume my husband couldn’t seem to get enough of.  I went home with a pretty party bag of goodies including the Le Soliel set, the Boyfriend shirt, and some of these fun panties from the Jersey collection.  Part of the proceeds from the Fashions Night Out sales went to benefit the Nevada Cancer Institute, which made it even more fun to shop.  I also walked out the winner of this beautiful accessory, the Poppy Corset Belt, which I couldn’t wait to wear and showed it off at an event the following night.

Afterwards, we headed over to Bar Masa to complete our night with sushi and Wasabitinis.  We were totally amped from the evening, and were giddy over our couple’s room experience.  As we looked over our polaroid pics, my husband and I agreed it was one of our best date nights yet.