Talk about women who rock! Lisa Cash Hanson is pretty much a RockStar. Maybe you can tell from her looks, or by the way she talks, but she once was a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas and performed all over the world portraying the likes of Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Shania Twain & more. I met Lisa a little over a year ago through our Vegas Bloggers network. She is a mom of a sweet little girl, and an amazing entrepreneur with a business savvy like no other. What else makes Lisa a Vegas Woman Who Rocks? She is not stingy with what she has learned along the way. Always willing and eager to help new bloggers and other small business owners just getting their start, Lisa is one of those women who is in sincere in her efforts to support other women. She has been a huge asset to our networking group and offers a refreshing dose of an honest opinion.

Last Fall, Lisa was selected as one of the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant recipients for her innovative idea, the SnuggWugg®. Read more about what inspired Lisa to invent a practical gadget to make other moms’ lives a little bit easier.

RSMLV: How long have you lived in Las Vegas?

LCH: Seventeen years. I moved here from the Midwest, and I knew I wanted to be on stage. As you mentioned, I got my chance to perform as a celebrity impersonator on the Las Vegas Strip. I couldn’t pass it up! It was a great experience, but after I met my husband, I knew I wanted to have a baby. I didn’t want to be on the road traveling all the time; I wanted to be home to raise her. I decided to start blogging and found I was able to contribute to our family income that way. After a few years, I was featured in Yahoo and Business Insider. This opened more doors for me, and I started several small businesses to teach bloggers how to do what I did in a short period of time. I even wrote an e-book, Get Famous: The Greatest Resource For Mom Bloggers On The Planet.

RSMLV: Amazing. So, let’s talk about the SnuggWugg® and the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant. How did all of that come about? 

LCH: Like most women, we are problem solvers. When I became a first time mom there were suddenly lots of problems. I have a very active baby who loves to kick me and roll around when changing her. After I took a kick to the face one day I said, “That’s it; there has to be a better way.”.

I looked for a product and there was nothing to fill my need. It was then I thought, “Why don’t I just fill the need?”.

Shortly after I created a prototype and pitched it to the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant program. I was chosen over 900 other applicants and won $15,000 seed money to launch the product.  We are currently meeting with large retailers for the future of SnuggWugg®.


RSMLV: That is such an exciting and inspirational story. I love the functionality of the SnuggWugg®. What are some of your favorite features?

LCH: My favorite feature is that it’s portable, and there is also a smart phone option. I believe it’s very innovative, and it’s not just for watching movies, although you can. These can be mini “teachable moments” by incorporating music, shapes, or language. Just another moment to share something fun and interesting with your baby.

RSMLV: Besides your daughter, of course, what are some of your achievements you are most proud of?

LCH: I’ve just been listed number one in the Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs To follow, featured in The Wall Street Journal, Busines Insider, Huggies Blog, Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Sun, The Summerlin View, and I”ve won multiple awards for my blog, in addition to the 2012 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant.

RSMLV: Wow! You sound busy! I, for one, am very happy to know you. You have shared so much with me to help me with my own goals, and I appreciate that. What are some of the other ways you like to give back to the community in addition to helping other women succeed?

LCH: I support World Vision. I also give to our church which gives to missions all over the world to feed, clothe and care for the needy.

RSMLV: I love this video of you talking about the SnuggWugg®. When will it be available to purchase? I have some baby showers coming up, and that would be an awesome gift!

LCH: We are hoping to launch the SnuggWugg® by May of 2013. But the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our newsletter on SnuggWugg®.com not only will you be among the first to find out where you can get yours but you’ll be automatically registered for a chance to win one FREE. I think you are right; it would make an awesome baby shower gift!

So exciting to know this Vegas Woman Who Rocks! Thank you, Lisa!

If you have a great idea you, too, can submit your product to the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program. Plus you’ll find Lisa and all the prior winners listed.

You can learn more about Lisa and her SnuggWugg® product launch by following her on Facebook and Twitter.