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RockStarMoms are always looking for ways instill healthy eating habits amongst their little entourage. As a parent of four, I know how challenging it is to ensure my kids will make good choices when it comes to the foods they put into their bodies. We work on it at the grocery store, at home, and when we eat out for meals. However, once they leave the confines of my little healthy eating bubble, I can only hope they have learned something. Especially when headed to school. They eat five meals a week without me, and though I force their hand a bit about taking a sack lunch 4 out of those 5 days, I am confident my oldest son conveniently “forgets” his all-natural PB&J, organic apple slices and gluten-free veggie chips in exchange for the Taco Bowl Chalupa served at school that day. Fortunately, my twins attend a private pre-school, where I willingly purchase hot lunch for them every day. It is a healthy alternative, and I know the food is fresh and organic as much as possible. During Summit Ridge Day Camp summer camp, at Henderson International, my oldest children also get to buy their lunch through the meal program for the same reasons.

Why the sudden change of attitude when it comes to allowing hot lunch at the pre-school and summer camp vs the CCSD? A very smart, RockStarMom herself, Stephanie Springel, had the same concerns for her children, and introduced a new business into the Las Vegas Valley offering healthy meal options to area schools. That business? Wholesome Tummies. If your children attend some of the local private schools like Las Vegas Day School or St. Anne’s Elementary, you may already be familiar with Stephanie Springel and Wholesome Tummies.

RSMLV: Hi Stephanie, so great to meet you! Tell us a little about yourself, and how you happened upon moving to Las Vegas.

SS: I moved to Las Vegas from Southern California in 2002 with my family (husband and 2 kids). We had opened a law firm in 1997 in Orange County that had expanded to Las Vegas and was becoming very busy. We moved here to further expand our office in Las Vegas.

RSMLV: Love Orange County. Definitely a change in scenery here in the desert. What are some of your favorite ways to spend your time?

SS: I love spending time with my family and friends, I enjoy exercise, reading, traveling, the beach and cooking (of course)!

RSMLV: How did you get involved or learn about the Wholesome Tummies program?

SS: In 2010 I left the law firm and began volunteering at Three Square Food Bank. The most enjoyable volunteer position for me was working in the kitchen, preparing and packaging the meals for children. After seeing the amazing meals being prepared for the kids, I started doing research on children meal programs (specifically lunch programs) and found Wholesome Tummies in Orlando Florida!


RSMLV: Yes, I believe Three Square has been a huge asset for those in need of assistance in Las Vegas. They have done so much for our community, and a very respectable and reputable organization. Wholesome Tummies- great name. What is the main idea behind the program?

SS: Wholesome Tummies (WT Cafe) is a woman owned company in Las Vegas. We are very passionate about what we do and want to have a positive impact on the children in our community. We provide a feel good product to kids who really enjoy our product and service! Parents and school administrators are very appreciative of what we are trying to do for these kids.

RSMLV: That is awesome. What is your specific role within the organization?

SS: On any given day I can be serving meals to kids at a school or meeting with school administrators discussing meal programs for their kids. I am in my office and kitchen daily, meeting with vendors, tasting new recipes or helping with the portioning of our meals!

Smoothie in a Blender

RSMLV: I noticed that the Wholesome Tummies program is only available in private schools and specific summer camp programs. Any plans to expand or work with the Clark County School District to provide an alternative to those who want it?

SS: Since this is a market I have not yet targeted, I have very little information; however, I feel that there is a demand from many parents whose children are in the CCSD (me included) to be able to purchase WT lunches for their children.

RSMLV: What are some of the ways Wholesome Tummies gives back to the Las Vegas community?

SS: Although we are a for profit company, we support many charitable organizations in Las Vegas. We sponsor a monthly birthday party for all kids living at Safe Nest. Additionally we support Joy Prom, Extra Life and Autism Speaks.


RSMLV: Do you have an overall goal for Wholesome Tummies Las Vegas? What is something you would want to share with the Las Vegas community about Wholesome Tummies?

SS: I would love to see all children eating our food each day, regardless of which school they attend. All children deserve to eat nutritious, delicious food! Our company employees individuals with diverse backgrounds and levels of culinary experience. We recognize that ALL of our employees are our organizations strongest asset, and EVERY employee contributes to the success of our company.

Wholesome Tummies is a for-profit business, providing healthy meal alternatives to local area schools. The meal prices range from $4.50-$5.50 per day, depending on grade level for portion size. If you love this idea and would like to see the Wholesome Tummies concept brought to your children’s school, complete this form and help get the ball rolling! Keep up to date with Wholesome Tummies on their website or Facebook page.

This is not a sponsored post.