I love to run! I am so pumped today because my doctor gave me the go ahead to start running again. No abdominal exercises, but running and yoga is OK. Why do I love to run? I started running in college, I mean, I would run in high school when we were forced to do laps around the football field, but I got more serious about it in college. And who wouldn’t? I lived right on the boardwalk in Mission Beach in San Diego. The thing to do was to run from the jetty to the pier and back, which was, I believe 2.5 miles. I never imagined how much energy you gain from the adrenaline pumping through your body. For me, running gets me thinking, gets me amped up for my day, tons of energy. Match that with an amazing playlist, and I seriously could take on the world. I finally broke down and called myself a runner last year when I ran my first half marathon. I have never felt such a feeling of accomplishment running through the middle of Las Vegas, where I grew up, in my hometown…alas, this is another blog.

So what does this have to do with goal coaching? As I mentioned, it gets me thinking and helps organize my thoughts. I was reviewing in my head the Goal Coaching 101 I posted and realized I left out a few things. It was probably a good idea though, to get your feet wet and not overwhelm you with too much empowerment. I want to set you up to win!

Here is some more food for thought in regards to your goals. One very important thing is to remember that you want to set goals that you will achieve 50% of the time. This means you are setting the bar high enough for yourself that you will be successful and also fail. It’s good to fail because it shows you are motivated to at least try. You can always rewrite or change your goals to make them more achievable if they aren’t working out for you the way you planned. One way to get started is to give yourself some BHAGs…Big Hairy Audacious Goals. These are goals that seem so unrealistic and crazy to you, that you may never achieve them. Once you start your goal setting and start accomplishing them, you start to realize that your BHAG may not be that scary at all. You may even achieve it!

Another bit to chomp on is to share your goals. This is very intimidating. You are actually giving a piece of yourself to someone else, and showing your vulnerable side. It also makes you accountable. I would encourage you to take baby steps. Share them first with people you know will support you in reaching your goals. At lululemon, we had to post ours for everyone to see. This was one of the toughest things some of my staff had to do. It meant that now, you were held accountable for your goals, and as their support, we were held accountable in making sure they were staying on track. But the reality with this is that, if these truly are your goals, you want as many people as possible to know about them because you never know who is going to connect with you through this to help you get there.

Because this is my blog and I get to share myself with you every time I write, I am going to start with sharing my BHAG and some of my goals.

My BHAG is to write a book that becomes movie. There I said it. It is out in the universe. The last time I put something out to the universe, I ended up with twins, so here’s to achieving greatness!

Here are my 1 year goals. This is how I was taught to write them. You can write them however works best for you, or you can use my format as an example. I write them based on 1, 3 and 5 years for Personal, Professional, and Health.

1 Year: 2011-2012


• I run in one community race every month. Oliver and I do 1 at least every other month.

• I beat my personal time in the Rock and Roll Marathon (2:26) by 15 mins (2:10).

• I eat all organic, mostly vegetarian diet.

• I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and better…125lbs!


• I attend the BlogHer conference in San Diego, August 5,6, 2011.

• I have an organized blog with 125 followers, where I write on topics that inspire me.

• I have mastered Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare…all social media. I have become an expert in this area.

• I use my expertise to get paid to support community events in Social Networking/Online Community.


• I cook organic, preservative and processed free meals for my family, and baby food for the twins.

• I am the classroom mom for Stella’s kindergarten class.

• I participate in a community event where I lend my expertise for the cause.

• Kelly and I have 1 date night a week, and plan a getaway once a quarter.

I am happy to share them all, if you want to know what they are, just reach out to me. OK…off and running! 😉