Ah…the questions that plague your mind when you see our posts…What is a Travel Advisor? Why do I need one? Can’t I do it all on the internet?

What is a Travel Advisor? 

Travel Advisors are relevant again, and here is why:

The State of American Vacation 2018, a report conducted by Project: Time Off, which is a national campaign dedicated to proving the value and necessity of taking time off, found that the average American employee takes about 17 vacation days annually, and that over 50 percent of Americans leave vacation days on the table at the end of the year. As a nation, that amounted to approximately 705 million unused days in 2017.

Here’s the thing…we can throw stats at you all day about how Americans need to utilize their earned vacation time and spend their hard-earned money…but what we’re going to offer you is the reason why you need a Travel Advisor. It is because you need time.

Time is of the essence. Time is money. Time is a precious commodity that we hate to see go to waste. It’s the one thing we can never get enough of or ever get back. As Your Travel Advisor, we get that. We work hard for the money, and we want our play time to be special and valuable and memorable. These are all the things you get when you work with a Travel Advisor.

First– we take the time to get to know one another. How do you like to travel? Leisure? Exploration? Cultural? Educational? Hotels? Resorts? Tours? Cruises? What are you looking to get out of your experience? Is dining top of your list or wherever you land? All Inclusive or Foodie to the Max? Public transportation or private cars? Stay in one place or try to cram it all in? Shopping? Shows? Beach? Mountains? Adventure? Walking? Biking? Hiking? Golf? What kind of memories are you looking to make on this particular trip? One or the other? Or do you want a little of everything?

We can make that happen.

Second– it’s about Who You Know…really. Not only are we members of the Virtuoso luxury travel consortium, we are also based out of Las Vegas. And, in Vegas, it’s all about who you know. We fully understand that concept. You want dinner reservations overlooking the Collesium in Rome lit up at night. We can do that. Sushi and Champagne at the most elegant resort on the Côte d’Azur…hit us up. The best tour guides in London, YouTube Star tours in LA, upgraded rooms, preferred views, early check-in/late checkout, and tickets to sold-out shows…done. We will send you the link to the itinerary where you can download everything to your phone and have it at your fingertips because we also have an app for that. But most importantly with who you know, it is the peace of mind knowing that you can and will get the value and experience you expect without the added stress of details and perfection and making everyone happy in the end.

You don’t need to worry about all that…we got you.

Third– the details are in the devil, the pricing is in the pudding. Honestly, we don’t know what all that means, but here’s how we can break it down for you: You want to plan a vacation for your family over Spring Break to Disney World? A European River Cruise to see the Christmas Markets over Winter Break? An African Safari to celebrate grandpa and grandma’s anniversary, your spouse’s big birthday and your child’s graduation? A private getaway for a special anniversary sans enfants? You have no idea where to start. Our expertise will help you narrow it down to the basics. We will ask you the questions you didn’t think to ask yourself. Together, we will find the best accommodations in the perfect part of the world. You provide us with passport information, and we will handle the rest. With our contacts and accessibility, we can help find you the best (if not better than internet) prices and packages that include VIP treatment, amenities, and upgrades you would not be able to secure if planning on your own. It’s your time. It’s your money. Let’s make them both work for you.

Don’t be thrown by the words luxury and advisor. It doesn’t always mean more cost to you. Our number one goal is to be Your Travel Advisor for the Modern Family. Sometimes it means a 100% luxury vacation dressed to the nines. Other times it means finding the right amount of luxury to fit your budget. Together, we will determine what part of “luxury” is important to you. Would you rather an upgraded room in a mid-level resort or the best rate at a luxury property? A trip to Peru can be a mix of luxury train cars meets mid-level stays and world-class experiences. Maybe you prefer all standard level hotels but fancy dining, private tours and exclusive entry to events. And, we will be honest. If there’s any portion of the planning that doesn’t make sense for you, we will let you know and provide other options. Whether you are traveling with or without your entourage…we will find a way to make it work to fit your needs, while respecting your budget and your time.

Oh, and those bookings you do on the internet? You can still do them. Why not? Sometimes the best prices available are found through some of the largest search engines on the web. We are happy to assist on a case by case basis. For quick trips, long weekends and overnight stays, the internet search engines might be your best bet. Domestic flights? Use your miles! Get the best fares available. We will be here for you when the planning starts moving out of your wheelhouse…and hopefully into ours.

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