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Yes, we all want to eat healthy and limit the intake of fats and sugars in our diets, but come on…who doesn’t crave some yummy, sugary snacks now and then?  I like to experiment with everyday recipes and switch out ingredients for the healthier version.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.  But these seem to have worked, and they are delicious, and a little guilt-free!

Coconut Popcorn Balls

My kids love to make popcorn.  And, I personally, hate the air popper.  Maybe it’s user-error, but for some reason, it is always dry and I always manage to burn it.  Instead, I purchased an electric popcorn maker that requires a little bit of oil to pop the kernels.  I prefer to use coconut oil for this.  Click here to see why.  Typically, I’ll just melt some organic butter and throw some sea salt on there, and it’s great.  Other times, the kids want kettle corn.  Instead of using the prepared processed topping, I opted for a good squeeze of Agave Syrup, right after the corn is popped and it’s still hot.  Sprinkle on the Sea Salt, and away we go!  The kids love it. When RockStarHubby is around, we will have a family movie and popcorn night.  He also loves to make popcorn.

Necessary ingredients for the popcorn balls...yes, including the wine!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the coconut marshmallows from Whole Foods…for roasting mainly (one of my favorite desserts is roasted marshmallows).  We had some left over marshmallows, so RSH decided to toss them in a small pot and melt them.  He used the leftover popcorn and mixed it all together, then formed them into small balls of deliciousness.  OMG.




Trail Mix

Sweet, salty and nutritional!

This is so simple.  RSH had bought the Omega3 fortified trail mix from, my favorite place, Trader Joe’s.  I was dying for some chocolate though, and remembered we had a bag of their Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.  Took equal parts and blended together for a yummy snack.





Banana Pudding

An alternative to Banana Pudding

Finally, my son loves, loves, loves banana pudding.  I know he is my child because he also adores coconut and dark chocolate.  I, too, was  in the mood for this Southern inspired treat the same night I made some baked-friend chicken, steamed kale and chard and sweet potatoes.  Just seemed right.  What I alternated: a package of Trader Joe’s Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix, Coconut Milk for regular milk (but only half…still needed for thickening), added mashed bananas to the pudding mix, used cut bananas for the pudding layers, and a box of Vanilla Wafers from Trader Joe’s.  I opted for real whipped cream, but obviously, you can always switch that out for the Soy alternative.  It was a winner.  He loved it, and I loved it, too.  To find out why I chose Coconut Milk, click here.


Frying Cheese with Blueberries and Honey

Not so sure the cheese is that healthy, but still tastes yummy!

This sounds a little crazy, but if you love cheese, you must try the Trader Joe’s Frying Cheese.  It’s sold in a package and looks like it’s been cooked a little already.  You cut it into cubes, sautee (I use coconut oil) until soft and almost melted looking.  Toss it with some Raw Honey and Organic Blueberries.  You can eat it right out of the bowl, or top your favorite whole grain or stone wheat crackers.  Yum!




Do you have any alternative, yummy snacks you want to share with the group?  Would love to hear from you…please post in the comments or on my Facebook page.