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drybar Las Vegas


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UPDATE! December 2017, a new drybar location opened inside the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Located on the 2nd floor, facing the Strip. Admittedly, the space feels smaller, I wish there were more wash bins, and they are struggling a bit in keeping time (schedule your weekend appointment at least 30 minutes before the time you actually want to arrive) I find this new location to be way more convenient than Planet Hollywood- I might be biased. drybar does offer a really easy booking service via their app or online. You can call, too, the customer service peeps are very friendly and thorough. I find the app to be just as easy, if not easier.

You want a RockStarMom LV tip? Get your hair done at drybar Cosmopolitan Las Vegas then walk across the bridge to get your make-up done at Tom Ford at the Shops at Crystals (minimum purchase of $100, but tip your stylist because these gals really are talented).

drybar Cosmopolitan Las Vegas | Photo by Stefanie Van Aken

Getting ready to bring in 2018 with JuanYa at the drybar Cosmopolitan Las Vegas! 🍾


It’s amazing. Your blowout will last for days. You have to have this blow dryer. I kept hearing about this drybar from my friends who live in almost every major city in the country. After countless Christmas gift exchanges year after year with requests for drybar gift cards that I had to keep buying online…I was starting to get a little offended that this place had not graced my presence on the Las Vegas Strip. Until now. My friends were right, and I want to extend one of the warmest welcomes to drybar Las Vegas…(it’s about damn time!) located at the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip. Yeah for me! And all of you! Here’s why….

What is drybar? In case you’ve been living in an ashram for the past 6 years…it is the creme de la creme of hair styling salons. Featured on TV series like the Housewives of {insert city name here}, you can basically feel like you are rich and fabulous by getting your hair blown out daily, weekly, or monthly. It is a blow dry only salon meaning no cuts, no color. Just style. And folks there is a formula to this style. After browsing through their LookBook, you choose the style most suited for your mood at the time: Cosmopolitan, MaiTai, CosmoTai and the list goes on. Any hairstyle you have ever seen any glam actress or en trend model sport on the runway or in Vanity Fair….honestly, you can have that done to your hair here. I mean it. I don’t care how much you love your hair dresser, they cannot style your hair like drybar does. (To a stylist in action check out the videos on my Facebook page.)

drybar las vegas

drybar las vegas| photo credit Jeff Green

What is drybar Las Vegas? Yes, I asked that question twice-ish because Vegas is the only location with a DJ and full bar on premises during operating hours. Yup. Only in Vegas is more than just a hashtag, it’s for reals. We bring the fun and the life to any party! Especially the one happening at drybar Las Vegas! So, order it up! Your service will take approximately 30-45 minutes depending on what your style selection, which means plenty of time for a cocktail.

drybar las vegas

Where is drybar Las Vegas? Located in the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood. If you are visiting Vegas, I would suggest either walking or Uber yourself here to make it easier. Otherwise, my local peeps, valet park at the Miracle Mile valet (yes, this is a thing…bypass the main valet and look for the Miracle Mile Valet…easiest way to get there is via Harmon behind the actual hotel). Once in from the valet, go up the escalator, make a right and keep walking. And we are walking and walking past the food court, and towards the middle of the Miracle Mile. You will see LUSH (my other favorite place) which is right next door.

Drybar Vegas Storefront_Credit Jeff Green

Drybar Vegas Storefront_Credit Jeff Green

How Much is drybar Las Vegas? In Las Vegas, the price for a wash and blow out is $49. You can add other services like a braid ($10) or extension ($20), or add treatments to your hair like a floater ($10 for 10 minute scalp massage) or hydrating hair shot ($20). Uptinis (updos) are $100, Shirley Temples (kids blow outs) are $35. There is also a barfly membership: $80 a month for 2 blowouts, plus a free birthday blowout, 10% off products bought in-store, and $5 off additional monthly blowouts. With this membership, your blowouts roll over to the next month if you haven’t used them. So let’s see, for my daily blowout, I can factor in $49 + $10 (who doesn’t want a floater??) + $10 (suggested tip)= $69 into my budget (30 x $69= $2070…). OK, maybe monthly…or bi-monthly.

drybar menu

Why drybar Las Vegas? Because why not? What better way to pamper yourself than having someone wash and style your hair while you sip a Sin City Fizz and listen to some delicious beats spun by the hot, I mean, hottest DJs around? But, truthfully, as a local, I don’t see myself getting there as often as I would like, which is probably a good thing for my wallet. Lucky for me, my hubby works down on the Strip, so I DO see myself booking appointments when I plan on meeting him for dinners or events, because, again, why not? And, easy location for me to access as all I would have to do is cross the foot bridge that connects the Cosmopolitan (City Center for those staying at Aria or Vdara) to Planet Hollywood. With that being said, the valet at the Miracle Miles Shops is actually pretty easy to access as well from a local’s stand point. But consider drybar for those special occasions as well: Girls’ Night Out, Bridal Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Mommy/Daughter days, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve (if celebrating on the Strip)….the lists and ideas could go on forever. Locals cross your fingers and send good vibes out to the universe that other drybar locations start popping up in Henderson and Summerlin ASAP.

drybar before after

What I 💜 about drybar Las Vegas? Besides everything I mentioned above…product. LOVE LOVE LOVE the product!! Vegan, Earth-friendly, products! No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. No animal testing. How amazing is that? They all smell divine, they work well and they are reasonably/competively priced for the market. There are products for every concern you can think of it when it comes to preserving and extending the life of that fabulous blowout. drybar offers many of their hair stylist tools as well.  My first experience with the buttercup blowdryer was lovely. Priced at $195, it’s definitely a hair tool investment, but I have friends with thick, curly, luxurious locks who claim the buttercup is the only way to go. There is also the baby buttercup now available which is a travel blowdryer priced at $135. But my true love here in this paragraph is the product. I’m obsessed with finding vegan hair and body products. Way to go drybar!

drybar products

What needs work? I can honestly say my experience at drybar Las Vegas was outstanding. Cocktail waitresses, DJ booth, friendly stylists who listen and do what they say they are going to do. Products and hair styling tools were phenomenal. Atmosphere lively and fun. I brought my 10-yead old daughter for a Shirley Temple, which she had both the style and the drink. By the way…just because it’s called the Shirley Temple it does not mean the only style for kids is a head full of tight corkscrew curls…they can choose their own style as well from the LookBook. My daughter had fun, too! There is a selfie booth, and plenty of photo opps around the salon.

drybar stella

Go ahead…you know you want to…BOOK IT! and Enjoy!

drybar las vegas


disclaimer: my daughter and I were invited media guests by drybar Las Vegas to experience their newest location located on the Las Vegas Strip…I speak 100% of the truth. 




Audi On Demand ::San Francisco


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For all my lovers of all things luxury out there…the luxury car company, Audi, is now offering Audi on Demand. If you happen to live in the Nor Cal area, or plan to visit anytime soon and want to enhance your trip by upgrading your ride to an Audi, check out the new Audi On Demand program exclusive to San Francisco and Singapore, Munich and Beijing internationally.

Whether you want to impress the boss, your date or want a weekend getaway out of the city, Audi can make that happen for you in as little as two hours. Just download the Audi On Demand iOS app and request any vehicle of your choice. Request any vehicle of your choice like the Audi RB supercar, or the Audi Q5 and select add-ons like a surfboard or ski racks to satisfy your adventure needs and an Audi concierge will deliver your vehicle request in under two hours.

This sounds like a perfect plan for those who live in the city and do not own a vehicle but want to get out of town for the weekend. Even those coming to visit and do not want to go with the ordinary car rental situation. Less hassle as the Audi Concierge will deliver to you, and you get your vehicle of choice for the adventure you have planned. I’ve driven in San Francisco, it was not pretty. I’m all about the easy on vacation. Cruising in Audi, however, might make that experience a bit less stressful. Like this sweet R8…oh, no room for kiddos? Oh, darn it.

Audi R8 | Photo provided by PNK BMC for Audi

 Disclaimer: On occassion, RockStarMomLV.com receives products, discounts, complimentary stays and experiences in exchange for a review. The review written is based solely on the opinions of Stefanie Van Aken, RockStarMomLV.

hotel review: Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, Hawaii


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Last year, we were looking for a 6 day/ 5 nights getaway with our twins, and we wanted something more tropical the beaches in sunny So Cal could offer. After months of researching and scouring through websites for packaged travel, I came across a great deal on American Airlines for flight and room stay at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui, Hawaii. We had 7 days to get there and back with our 5-year-old twins while our older two were on an Alaskan cruise with their grandmothers. Our twins had never been on an airplane before, and my husband and I desperately needed some down time before the start of another crazy school year. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get back to the islands after 13 years, and indulge our little boys on a special trip to a place that was truly magical for us as a couple before the realities of life settled in on us. From the minute we arrived to the second we left, our family felt relaxed and pampered the entire stay at the Fairmont Kea Lani. Everything we needed was right there on resort property.

Fairmont Kea Lani Maui Welcome

What Works for Families

The Fairmont hotel group has not yet disappointed us in the family travel department. Like most of the Fairmont Hotel Group properties, the Fairmont Kea Lani is an all-suite resort. In fact, it is the only all-suite resort in Maui. This is key when traveling with families- large or small. Though we didn’t have all 4 of our children with us, we still enjoyed the additional space the Ocean View Suite provided us. The suites are appointed with kitchenette-type amenities with a mini fridge and coffee maker, making it convenient for snacks, drinks, leftovers to be stored while mom and dad could enjoy a quick cup of coffee in the morning, or a lazy one, out on the lanai. The Fairmont Kea Lani also offers Villas for larger parties or events.

We also loved how it perfectly matched our needs as a family to indulge in different activities. It was important to my husband and I to have some much needed down time for ourselves, while also engaging our boys in the many activities we knew they would want to participate in. We spent most of the days either at the pool or the Polo beach (located directly in front of the hotel property). While we were there, the Willow Stream Spa (ah-mazing!) and the Keiki Lani Kid’s Camp was running a special where the kid’s camp was complimentary to guests who booked a spa treatment between 9am and noon. Oh, yes, we totally took advantage of that program.

Another fabulous advantage for families with children 5 and under at the Fairmont Kea Lani…kids eat free. Say what?? Yes, it is true. At the daily breakfast buffet at the Kea Lani Restaurant and the poolside Ama Bar and Grill (in-dining only), our twins ate free. Not sure why we had such a hard time wrapping our heads around this, but it was like going to Disneyland while your kids are still 3 and under, but better because we were in Hawaii. Children 6-11 eat for 50% off the regular menu, or can still choose from a kid’s menu, offered at every restaurant, including Nick’s Fish Market and Ko.

Fairmont KEa Lani Shave Ice

What Doesn’t Work for Families

Every time I contemplate this question for a hotel review of a Fairmont property, I really have to search to find something. The one thing that comes to mind is the logistics of the pool. There is an adult pool and the two activity pools. The two activity pools are connected by a water slide, so there is a pool up top with a swim-up bar, and a pool down below with fun stuff like a basketball hoop and the activities desk. Both pools are lined with cabanas and also lounge chairs. Since we did not have our older two with us, who we normally would have put in charge of keeping an eye on the twins, we had to make a tough choice as to which pool we should camp out at. We tried both the bottom and top pool, but ultimately decided on the top pool as it was a bit smaller and of course, the new swim-up bar. Once acclimated, we felt OK with the boys going from top to bottom pools via the slide, but there were many times where they wanted to stay in the bottom pool to play with new found friends. You physically cannot see the bottom pool from the top pool, so this created a bit of stress for us as we had to keep moving up and down the stairs to check on them.

Fairmont Kea Lani Pool

Also, the pools are a bit small for the size of the resort. We happened to be there towards the end of their summer season, but I couldn’t imagine being in the pool area during high season, especially with the way the pools are set up. There is no way I would have been able to relax without our older kids to help out. Most likely, we would have opted out of the pool scene and stuck with the beach if the crowds were any bigger.

The Details

The Fairmont Kea Lani is located at:

4100 Wailea Alanui Drive
Hawaii, United States

Getting There The one thing I forgot about with Maui is the distance from the Kahului Airport in Kahului to Wailea. Plan on at least one hour in a personal vehicle, meaning like a ride share, taxi or rental car. Uber and Lyft are both available. We chose Uber SUV as we had the boys with us and they were still in booster seats at the time. It was a comfortable ride, even though we were all exhausted from the flight.

Something to consider with transportation…if you intend to explore the island at all, think about a rental  car. Wailea is one of the more popular resort towns, but everything is at least 30-45 minutes if not longer to get to, and taxis can get pricey. It would be worth the investment in a rental car if  Kihei, Lanai, the Road to Hana is on your itinerary. If you plan on getting to your resort and staying put, then I would rather put my dollars on a beachside cabana vs. paying parking fees. Of course, the Fairmont Kea Lani also offers Private Transfer Services with varying options and prices.

Driving Directions

• You will be on Keolani Place (Hwy 380) as you leave the airport
• Continue straight through the intersection as you pass Costco and KMart on your left. This will take you onto Dairy Road (350)
• Continue on Dairy Road to traffic light. Make right on Airport Access Road
• Next traffic light turn left onto Puunene Avenue (311)
• Go straight and you will see a Sugar Mill on your left. Stay right as Puunene changes into Mokulele Hwy (Hwy 311)
• Continue down Mokulele Hwy approximately 6 miles, as it changes into Piilani Hwy (Hwy 31)
• Continue south on the Piilani Hwy (Hwy 31) until it ends (approximately 6 miles) and turns into Wailea Ike Drive
• At the end of Wailea Ike Drive turn left onto Wailea Alanui. Turn right into the entrance to Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui

The Hotel

Built in the late 1990’s, the Fairmont Kea Lani still remains a top luxury resort in Wailea, Maui. The grounds are lush and also manageable, which is great when you have little ones. There is no boat to catch to get to the other side of the resort. The pools are tidy and layout is easy. One of my favorite things about resorts in Hawaii are how grand the lobbies are and the use of optical pleasure taking into account the easiness of architecture because the landscape of the island provides a perfect backdrop. The Fairmont Kea Lani’s lobby does not disappoint with a Morrocan style grand entrance, yet also nodding to the Hawaiian culture. The boys loved when the sun was about to set, how the Fire Starter would blow the conch shell then light his baton on fire while he ran through the hotel grounds personally lighting every torch with his own. My twins would chase after him, laughing and screeching the entire time.

Fairmont Kea Lani Lobby

As much as I loved the hotel, I couldn’t help but notice time had left its mark in some areas. With that being said, during our stay there were a few small construction projects happening throughout the hotel, and the room we stayed in had been recently renovated. Clearly, there are some efforts being made to keep the hotel in tip-top shape.

The Rooms As I mentioned earlier, the Fairmont Kea Lani is the only all-suite resort in Maui. We started in a suite with two doubles overlooking the pool area, which was miserable for my husband who is the lightest sleeper (and the loudest snorer) on the planet. So we asked to be moved to an ocean view suite. I mean, who wouldn’t want to view the ocean anyway when you are in Hawaii? For the record, we did have somewhat of an ocean view; it is difficult to miss the ocean when the resort side faces that way. The new suite, however, had the most gorgeous view of the ocean, and also of the rooftops of the Villas below us and the residential neighborhood next to us. Not a huge deal to me, but just mentioning it for those who only want to look at the ocean and nothing else. 

Fairmont Kea Lani All Suite Resort

The suites are spacious. Our new suite had a king size bed in the bedroom and a pull-out sofa in the sitting/living area. This worked well for us as we put the boys on the pull-out sofa bed. The bathroom was also generous in size and amenities with a separate tub and shower, and a whole lot of counter space. Obviously, this size room worked well for us with just a party of 4, however, with our other two, we would have needed to upgrade to a 2-bedroom suite.

The Amenities There is a great spot called Cafe Ciao Bakery and Market inside the Fairmont Kea Lani. Yummy sandwiches and pizzas, barista-made coffee, lots of healthy, organic choices for snacks and drinks, and of course, Hawaiian souvenirs. My husband and I also enjoyed the swim shop there, Le Surf Wailea. We both bought new suits there and picked up a few specialty items for all four of kids. Our boys also loved the Fairmont Kid’s program where they were each given a wooden beaded necklace with a Hawaiian symbol, like a turtle and a hook, bath robes just their size for the rooms, a backpack with goodies and an on-property scavenger hunt. There is also an adequately sized game room featuring billiards and air hockey.

FKL swim suits

Of course, there are the two family-focused pools, but there is also an adult only pool, for perhaps when you drop those kiddos off at the Keiki Lani Kids. There is also a nice Hawaiian Cultural Program offering opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in Hawaiian culture. Beyond the Torch Lighting Ceremony, the boys enjoyed learning about and feeding the Koi fish in the resort pond. There are also activities like lei making, ukulele and hula lessons, canoe experiences, walking tours of the property and much more.

Fairmont Kea Lani Hawaiian Culture Program Koi Fish

And, let us not forget the spaaaaahhh….The Willow Stream Spa offers a decent menu of services. My husband and I opted for the couple’s massage, and they had a great deal going on in conjunction with the Keiki Lani Kids Club.  The kids club does offer outings and half, full day and hourly options. There are arts and crafts and video games, board games and other activities. My two were a tad bored because they were the only kids in the club that day. All their new friends were hanging poolside…which they obviously preferred better. But mom and dad needed some relax time.

pina colada

Finally, the pool and beach make it super easy for families to enjoy themselves without having schlep tons of stuff. At the pool we rented a cabana, which came with a cooler of drinks, use of sunscreen, and a chilled fruit platter. Around the pool the kids could use pool toys, play basketball, volleyball, and every now and then a staff member would walk around with trinkets or game ideas. There is also thoughtful amenities like complimentary sun block and ice water. The Polo Beach is amazing as well. While technically not private, it was pretty darn close. It is one of the more secluded beaches in Wailea and the Fairmont Kea Lani has a little shack out there where they assist with beach chairs (first come first serve), towels, boogie boards, snorkeling gear and other beach necessities.

FKL Polo Beach PR


One of my favorite restaurants in Maui is at the Fairmont Kea Lani, Nick’s Fishmarket Maui. Perfect for families and celebrations, there is also an extensive kid’s menu. Don’t let the name fool you, there is more than fish there. And the waitstaff is the best. Order the Strawberries Panzini for dessert with a show. KO, also on property, has won all kinds of awards, but we did not have the chance to eat there. We were big fans of the Cafe Ciao, the Ama Bar & Grill (poolside) and the Kea Lani Restaurant (breakfast buffet…kids under 5 eat free, remember!)

Ah… Reminiscing through these photos is making crave some Hawaii time! Book now for Spring Break!

Disclaimer: On occasion, RockStarMomLV.com is offered discounted or complimentary stays and/or experiences in exchange for honest reviews. Any and all reviews are the written opinion of Stefanie Van Aken, RockStarMomLV, and are solely based on her personal experiences and opinions.

The Teal Pumpkin Project: How to Have a Peanut Free Halloween

As you can probably see, I have stopped writing lifestyle posts on my site unless it is directly related to travel. However, I feel the fire-burning-in-the-gut urge to help spread the word about this grassroots effort that started a few years back about how to have a peanut free Halloween. 

Why I am writing about it now? Because a dear friend has a son with a severe peanut allergy– not to mention there is always a letter sent home at the beginning of every school year indicating a student in my child’s class has a severe nut allergy. My children all went to pre-schools that were “Nut-Free Campuses”. Corporations and companies are starting to take note about peanut allergies, and are actively participating in acknowledging how this unfortunate allergy can be horrifying for parents and deadly for children (or anyone who has a nut allergy).

The Evolution of the Peanut Allergy and Halloween

Here- I’ll make this a bit travel related so it makes sense sitting on my blog. Within the last 6 months of my travel business and in working with clients who have some sort of peanut allergy, I can share this information with you: Delta Airlines has an option to indicate if any passenger of your party has any sort of special need, dietary need or nut allergy. This person is then “asterisked” and no peanuts will be served to anyone on that plane during that flight. Have you been on a flight like that lately? I have! And, I have booked two separate families with peanut allergies on Delta and have had them “asterisked” (sounds so much nicer than Flagged 🚩 !). I do this– not because my children have peanut allergies- thank goodness none of them are allergic to anything. But I have seen the terrified look on parents faces at parties and events, the throw yourself over the table to grab that candy out of their mouth move, and the just plain, “No, my child cannot come to your child’s party because I can’t be there, and I need to make sure he watches what he eats.” 

I have painstakingly planned an entire birthday party for my son to be entirely nut-free because I wanted his two BFFS who have severe allergies to come to the party and for the parents to feel relaxed and safe. 

No, my kids do not have allergies, but I am a mom. And it breaks my heart when I see kids afraid to have fun at their fullest potential because one teeny tiny avoidable mistake could change their life forever.

Besides the fact that I am already the mom who would hand out toothbrushes and floss if my kids would let me (they get them in their stocking every year instead), I am also the mom who would dig through the candies at the store and research the heck out of what had nuts or were manufactured in a nut facility so I could pass them out on Halloween.

Remember– I want every kid to have fun no matter the cost of my “coolness” to my own children. Wildly enough, a few years back it wasn’t so easy to figure this out. I really had to do the research. Most of the times I would end up with Halloween themed puzzles, bubbles and stickers (boooorrrrriiiiinnnngggg), pretzels and cheese puffs, and finally one year I figured out that a brand of popcorn balls were nut free! As time has gone by, companies have become more privy to the nut-allergy epidemic and parents have become savvier in educating communities. Organizations such as the Teal Pumpkin Project have been moving with steady grace to keep up the awareness on how to have a peanut-free Halloween for all who participate.

Non-Edibles can be a perfect and safe treat for children with nut allergies on Halloween

And, here’s the thing…they have made it super easy for anyone and everyone to participate. So have the candy companies! Because like I said- I am happy to pass out non-food items, but let’s be real, I would imagine the nut-allergy kiddos want to feel like their peers and be able to collect and EAT the candy!! 

How to have a PEANUT FREE Halloween:

First– Get a Teal colored pumpkin to display on your doorstep. This will help parents and kiddos identify that your house has nut-free options for Trick-or-Treaters.

How to Have a Peanut Free Halloween | Teal Pumpkin Door Step

Again, this is super simple…you have options. If you are the crafty type: buy a pumpkin, paint it teal. If you are the parent who wants to participate but doesn’t have time to paint and carve: buy one. Yes, you can buy them! I bought mine this year for $5 at Target. A styrofoam version of a teal pumpkin that I sit outside my doorstep. 

Second– Purchase candy and items that are nut-free. I’m telling you, it is not as hard as you think. If you have already bought your candy this year, no worries, I implore you to look at your bags. I will guarantee at least 1 bag is nut-free. Unless, of course, you only buy candy bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. If that’s the case, just grab a bag of one of these next time you are at the supermarket (according to PeanutAllergy.com):

  • Any Tootsie Pop product
  • Jelly Belly
  • Lifesavers
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Mike and Ikes
  • Haribo Gummy Candies
  • Red Vines
  • Twizzlers
  • Double Bubble
  • SweetTarts
  • Dum Dums
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Most Wonka Candies (Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Pixie Sticks, Runts, and Fun Dip)
Nut Free Candies for Halloween

See! That wasn’t too hard, right??

Third– Separate your candy into two different buckets. This will make it super easy when a ghost or goblin has a nut allergy. In fact, I like to buy a bowl that is teal colored already, or I will put my teal pumpkin right next to that bowl so there is no confusion. 

Parents whose children have nut allergies are usually pretty super savvy. They know everything! Really! They will be the first to spot if a candy has even been manufactured in a plant that processes nuts. So, if you are not sure or have more questions, reach out to that parent. They would be happy to share what they know. And, just in case, they don’t know this, which I’m sure they already do…The Teal Pumpkin Project has teal colored pumpkins for trick-or-treaters, which would be super awesome on my end as a parent who wants to make sure the right kid gets the right candy. (Target carries them! 

The Teal Pumpkin Project
We found these Teal Pumpkin Project candy buckets at Target

There is way more info on the TealPumpkinProject.com website. You can even list your house on the map so kids know where to go for treats!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Living Pretty at The Langham New York


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“It’s the best!”….isn’t it though? Pretty Woman was the ultimate chick flick of the 90s making us all believe in our dreams, knights on white horses and the desire for balcony seats and penthouse views because, well, “it’s the best!”.

The Living Pretty Package at The Langham New York is your chance to live like Edward and Vivian with an experience full of glam and glitz in the best city in the world, New York City.

The musical production of one of the greatest love stories of all time – Pretty Woman: The Musical, opened on Broadway this weekTo celebrate, The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue, Midtown Manhattan’s premier luxury hotel, will offer guests the opportunity to live like Vivian and Edward, complete with luxury accommodations, a high-end shopping spree and a makeover.

Langham New York Living Pretty Package

definition of s o a k :: comfy stylish slides for summer


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Thank you for coming today. We’re going to play a little game. Everyone reading this post…if you are over 30, remain standing. For those of you standing…if you enjoy keeping your styles fresh and fab, remaining standing. Looking for a timeless, yet, on trend sandal for hanging by the pool and beach and anywhere else life takes you this summer? Do you enjoy comfort AND style? Remain standing. Those of you left…you have arch problems? Need something to provide you a little more support than those thin flip flops you have been wearing to the pool? (I know you are out there…). Let me introduce you to definition of s o a k. Comfy and stylish slides for summer that will take you anywhere.

I don’t know about you but my feet are a hot mess. All those wonderful years I spent taking ballet and cheerleading, followed by years of tennis and running and yoga in bare feet…my high arches have started to collapse and I’ve been blessed with this fun ailment in my 40’s called planter fasciitis. Oh, you’re familiar with it? Yeah, unfortunately, most of us around this age are, and we have had to give up our simple luxuries of being able to wear those fun little rubbery flip flops all day long in the summer. Trading in our Haviannas for our Birks, having to add in a special arch support in our runners, and never, ever will you find us roaming around the house without some sort of shoe on for support. Bleeach. Who needs that??

definition of soak

After summers of not listening about the flip flops, my feet finally flopped. I wore my Haviannas only once this season, and my arches punished me for days. As I was trolling through one of my favorite fashion and travel sites, JetSetFam, I discovered these adorable sandals she had been wearing by the pool. Digging deeper, I discovered they had an arch support, and supportive soles, and they looked W A Y better than the waterproof Birkenstocks I had just purchased after throwing in the towel on the flip flops. I reached out to owner, Elena Corsano, co-founder of definition of s o a k, and asked if I, too, could review a pair of these trendy looking slides that seemed to work in perfectly with my summer wardrobe and activities.

definition of soak vegas

Elena sent me a pair of the gold metallic with the chocolate trim in a size 7. Upon receiving the package, I knew I was going to love the shoe just because I loved the branding and the packaging. The shoes smell divine and I didn’t want to wear them outside of my house initially in fear of the scent being gone forever. After giving them a few days to break in around the house, I decided it was time to finally branch out and take them out in public. Two outings with my son- one to egglsut at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, the other at Shake Shack in Downtown Summerlin, and another time poolside again at the Cosmopolitan was enough for me to start noticing the difference between wearing my flip flops and wearing my soaks all day.

starbucks at cosmopolitan las vegas

I was able to chat with Elena via email about the soak product to get more of the skinny on these fashionable summer time shoes.

How did you come up with the idea for definition of s o a kWe (Elena, along with co-founder, Michelle Vale of Michelle Vale, Inc.,) were two moms running around NYC from meetings to soccer games to dinner dates and more. We realized there wasn’t a summer footwear option that fit our needs and over a cocktail one day, decided to create a new category in footwear–one that not only moms could enjoy, but really anyone who had a jet-set busy lifestyle.
Love that the product is manufactured in the USA…what made Maine so appealing? We had both traveled to Maine and really love it there. It was once a manufacturing hub for shoes and when we came across a factory there to work with, we jumped at the opportunity.
Sustainable products…what goes into the production? Where do the products originate from? The slides are created using a two-part injection mold. We spent 22 months on the design to assure comfort, arch support and major style. What makes our slides vegan is that they are not produced with any animal products whatsoever.
And I love the smell…is that weird on my part or intentional in yours? Not at all! They are scented with natural vanilla!
The structure is also appealing…slight arch support, thick soles for cushion, where did you get the inspiration for that? I studied under a designer named Roberto Menichetti (former head designer for Jil Sander and former creative director at Burberry). He taught me the importance of design equilibrium. In every great design there should be comfort and function  as well as a high design aesthetic.
Is s o a k only available online? No. Were sold in over 60 boutiques throughout the US as well as select locations globally — like Rome, Bodrum, Toronto and Seoul.
Is the shoe meant to change and adapt to your own foot? Not necessarily… But the longer you wear them, the more comfortable … Like any shoe you break in.

My experience with s o a k

Overall, I love the product and would happily recommend, and encourage you to give them a try. The sandals come in a variety of colors, from bold primaries to metallics and basic black and white. soak will definitely complement your summer wardrobe in color and style.  (Product price point ranges from $72- $89)

definition of soak gold

I enjoyed wearing the soak slides throughout the day, I even felt the difference when driving…more support and my arches hurt less. Unfortunately, I am a solid 6.5 and the slides only come in full sizes. So, I opted for the 7, which at first, felt a little tight around my foot. I have a wider foot and also the beauty of bunions (so not sophisticated, but let’s be real here), so the band was a bit tight at first. Once my foot started to fit into the band better, the shoe overall felt a little bigger, so it was flopping slightly off my right foot. And, I would have to keep stopping to readjust, but figured out once I really dug my foot into the slide, they stayed on better.

update: Elena sent me a size 6 to try out. Unfortunately, it was too small. The 7 is slightly too big, but I prefer that over trying to squeeze my foot into the six. Sadly, I’m a true 6.5 making s o a k not the most functional slide for my foot. With that being said, I love love love the style, the concept and the story, and would still recommend them, but just for someone who has a less wide foot and solid sizing.

downtown summerlin

What I 💜 about definition of s o a k

Besides the fact that two fashion-forward moms saw a demand for a comfy, yet stylish summer shoe and just went for it…I l o v e that definition of s o a k truly sticks my its sustainability promise. Not only are the shoes made from vegan based products, the shoes are shipped in the least amount of packing materials, that are recyclable. AND, there is a recycling program for shoes that have run their course in the works!

These are a great throw in your travel bag kind of a shoe as they easily take you from pool, to beach, to happy hour, to bbq. I wish I would have these for our trip to Cuba last year. They would have been great with the warm weather, flirty outfits and baggage weight limits.

You can purchase definition of s o a k online via their website. I’m kind of crazy for the red ones…might have to order me another pair!

definition of soak black



Do It in Telluride, Colorado


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The snow may be melted, but that only means another prime season in one of the best mountain towns the state of Colorado has to offer. Telluride- phenomenal in the winter and just as enjoyable in the summer.

Our family has been vacationing in Telluride, Colorado a minimum of 1-2 times a year, for the last 16 years. My in-laws introduced me to this mountain paradise when I first started dating their son back in 1999. On a drive from Las Vegas to Denver to take my brother-in-law back to school at the University of Denver, they made a pit stop in a little mountain town they knew nothing about. They fell in love, invested in a property, and the rest is history. Their vision of spending snowy holidays and sunny summer days in their log cabin style home became a reality for us as our family started to grow. My children have been traveling to this mountain top town nestled in the San Juan mountain range at 10,000ft since they were born. My husband and I could never thank our in-laws enough for providing us the opportunity to get to share and make these memories with our kids throughout their childhood. Here are some of the reasons we love it, and what you should know before heading to this tucked-away town in the box canyons.

Where to Stay

There are two options of locations to reside in Telluride: the town of Telluride itself, and Mountain Village. Both areas offer plenty of options in the way of luxury home rentals, luxury and boutique hotels, quirky cottages and bed and breakfasts. My perception of where to stay when people ask sounds like this:

Telluride– you are in the midst of all the energy and action. Food, shopping, activities are all walking distance away. A car is not necessary, rent or bring or bike instead. If you are in town during one of Telluride’s more popular festivals, just know that the town will be busy and there will be people everywhere and parking is limited. Wherever you stay, make sure it comes with a guaranteed parking spot because parking can be tricky and frustrating. Nightlife is present with cool bars and locals. A huge farmer’s market takes over several streets in the summer offering everything from veggies, fruits, meats and breads to arts and crafts and handmade clothing.

Mountain Village– is based on a European ski village. Still lots to do, but not quite as busy as town can get. Food and shopping not as abundant, but there are decent options. Lots of activities set up for families and kids like Kids’ Nights, Movie Nights, Live Music, but not much of a night life after 9 or 10pm. There are two major hotels in Mountain Village, the Hotel Madeline and The Peaks Resort and Spa– both recognized for their luxury and well-appointed rooms and hotel amenities. Beyond that, I would recommend renting a VRBO, especially if traveling with multiple families, or if your family just happens to be big like mine.

My family of 6 just spent our Spring Break in Telluride. My in-laws house was unavailable (they rent it out when not in use) and my husband’s cousins have built this amazing mountain home, built specifically to cater to large groups and families. They invited us to stay there since it was not being rented during our week of vacation. We had spent a week in the summer with them the year before- 4 families in their newly built home and it was super comfy! Here’s why:

Petra Domus Telluride ColoradoPetra Domus

  • 3330 sq ft with a main floor, basement/bunk room and guest house
  • Restoration Hardware style decor
  • Luxury appliances + sound system for comfortable entertaining and relaxing
  • Kids Bunk Room on lower level (basement)
  • Hot Tub
  • Breathtaking views of the San Sophia Ridgeline
  • Guest house complete with kitchen space and bathroom

Petra Domus Telluride Colorado

What I love about staying in a VRBO in Mountain Village is the convenience of it all. With lots of kids we can eat all of our meals at home if want, and we can bring less clothes and with a washer/dryer option.  We can keep the kids entertained with board games, nature hikes, yard games, snowball fights, snow forts, hot tub and hot cocoa memories while my husband and our friends can relax on the deck with a cocktail, music and conversation warmed by the fireplace.

What is tricky about staying in a VRBO in Mountain Village is the idea that we are being budget friendly with our groceries and meals, but it’s hard to say. Groceries in Telluride can be and are very expensive. Think Whole Foods on major steroids, and they don’t always have the organic options to back up the cost. Shopping at the local grocer almost makes you wish you were paying Whole Foods prices. Groceries can also be sparse depending on the time of year. It all makes sense when you think about it- not easy to get fresh produce and meats delivered on a regular basis at 10,000 feet above sea level, and when it is delivered, it costs money. Since we usually drive to Telluride, we make Costco run for things like orange juice, meats, produce and alcohol, then buy the fillers when we get there. This time around we had Hello Fresh (meal delivery service) deliver us three complete meals to cook at home. This saved us cargo space and money and was super easy.

Getting Around Town

Let’s start by getting TO town. Depending on where you are coming from is really going to dictate your mode of transportation. We live in Las Vegas. We usually drive. It is a 10-12 hour drive for us, depending on how many times our kids make us stop. Like I said, they have been road tripping T-Ride since they were babies, and all 4 of them do remarkably well. Since there is such an extreme change in elevation, we plan on overnighting on our way there to begin adjusting. We love to stay in Moab, Utah but since the town has started to grow in popularity for mountain bikers, rock climber and just the general outdoor enthusiast, the hotel room rates can be kind of obscene. Also, the drive into Telluride from Moab can be a bit, shall we say, breathtaking? It is not for the novice driver- beautiful views but lots of switchbacks and high roads with a long way down. We started driving through Grand Junction, which is about a 2-hour addition to the drive, but a smoother drive and more affordable rates for motels like Courtyard by Marriott, Holiday Inns, and Comfort Inns.

There is the option to fly, however, it can be pricey, and depending on the season, flights may be hard to come by. Telluride does have its own runway and airport, but is used anymore these days for private jets. The closest airports are Montrose with a 1-hour drive time into town, or Grand Junction with a 2-hour drive time into town. Because getting into Telluride is no easy feat, being there makes it all that more exclusive.

Once there, you really don’t have to have a car to get back and forth and around town. There is an awesome service called Dial-a-Ride that will come and pick you up and drop you off for free. Yes, FREE. (As a courtesy, tip your driver.) You will also get to experience the only FREE gondola in the United States run mainly by solar power that will take you up and down the mountain, to and from Telluride to Mountain Village and back. So, you have that going for you. The gondola offers spectacular views of the San Juan mountains and valleys, showcasing the area for miles and miles. Definitely plan on a gondola ride at least once during your stay, though I bet you will take it more than you can count on two hands.

telluride gondola

Where to Go, Eat, Play, Shop

This little mountain town is always full of new adventures and time old ones as well. Of course, the obvious is available each season: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, biking, hiking, climbing, fishing- it’s all there and all very glorious and stunning with top of the line outfitters and guides. Telluride also offers the tourist the chance to live like the locals, which I always find to be very cool. Here are some of our favorite things to do when we are not being active outdoor adventurers! (Note: because Telluride’s economy is strongly based on tourism, sadly, sometimes not all shops and restaurants make it from season to season. Also, not everything is open in between seasons. Use this as a guide, but always grab a Daily Planet newspaper or Telluride Style magazine to confirm, or to find awesome new places to try!) 


  • The Butcher and Baker Cafe: Kind of sort of reminds me of Joan’s on Third in Santa Monica on a much smaller scale. A walk-up to order off either a daily menu written on a big chalk board sign, or from the deli case full of fresh made salads, fruit bowls, and pastries. You can purchase some of the signature items like bloody mary mix, and their to die for baked goods (get their first thing in the morning if you want cookies). Kid’s options, handcrafted sodas, hand mixed lemonades, fresh ground coffee, cocktails and a wine list…need I say more?
  • Rustico: Consistently delicious Italian meals and pizza served by attentive and friendly staff and occasionally the owners will make the rounds to say hi and thank you for joining them. Try for the Alfresco dining in the summer months, and sit fireside inside during the winter. Incredible bar and great drinks. They have a sister property in Mountain Village called La Pizzeria, equally delicious and a little more casual. Outside dining also available, which I highly recommend during summer when festivals and live music happening on the green.
  • Allred’s: The only way to get into Allred’s is via the gondola, where you will get off at San Sophia Station. Do this for a classy dinner, apres ski drinks, or just for a cocktail to admire the view from their all-window wall that looks out onto the town of Telluride below. Allred’s is the restaurant for the ski and golf country club in Telluride, so it is only open to the public for Apres, Dinner or Cocktails after 5pm. The menu is always current with seasonal selections. And, there is a children’s menu!
  • Brown Dogs Pizza: Believe it or not, there are award winning pizzas on their menu! A hole in the wall situated right on Colorado Street, Brown Dogs is a totally kick it kind of locals sports bar with delicious grub like pizza and wings and an array of the latest in local brews. Don’t ask for anything mainstream on tap, they will laugh you right out of the place. Kids love it because they can make their own pizza!

Telluride Food Collage

Family Stuff

If you haven’t noticed yet from my story, Telluride is a very family friendly town. There is not much you cannot do without your kids. Of course, you can also do ALL of this without your kids, but if you are coming strictly to spend time with your family, then Telluride is certainly the place to be. Our favorites combine both action and relax time for both kids and parents.

  • Wilkinson Public Library: Offering both a children’s section and a teen section, there’s plenty to do here without sticking an iPad in your kids’ hand because you need a 10-minute refresh. Teen room offers latest and greatest in tech games and board games. They can also indulge in some music and group activities to keep them social and protect their reputation. The children’s library is a total unicorn- hands on toys and games for the kiddos, tech games, computer time, full of books and movies, story times, crafts and activities, a carved wooden story chair and indoor treehouse.
  • Telluride Historical Museum: This tiny mountain town was once a big part of the mining industry in the 1800’s, and the Telluride Historical Museum was established to tell the story. The museum is housed in a building built in 1896 that functioned as the medical facility and hospital of the time- Hall’s Hospital. Take a tour though the recreated rooms, observing artificats showcasing the way of life and the people who put Telluride on the map. It is well worth the visit. It is also associated with The Smithsonian Institute, proving the museum is well done. A nice historical and educational way to spend your time, and end your visit with my kids’ favorite thing to do…pan for gold! Or other rocks and minerals and gems found in the mountain range surrounding Telluride.
  •  Mountain Village: Depending on the season, Mountain Village is a lively little ski village in the winter and bustling little mountain village in the summer. Kids’ activities are abundant around here- activities will be set up on the grand lawn (or in the convention area of it’s winter), concerts, outdoor movies, bungee trampolines and obstacle courses. There are food carts with yummies like Diggity Dawgs Hot Dogs, Crepes and the Grilled Cheese lady. And, there is a Dylan’s Candy Shop for special treats.
  • Telluride Gravity Works: Indoor Rock Climbing with Belay option for the bigger kids provides at least an hour of fun for everyone. A smaller beginners wall for the little ones and taller, more challenging walls with belaying for the more experienced or for those who want to learn. Staff has always been professional, friendly and helpful, and our kids ask to go every time.

Telluride Family Activities

With 4th of July right around the corner, the town of Telluride gets lively and patriotic with a town parade down Colorado Street, community BBQ at the park and fireworks to top off the night. It’s one of our family’s most favorite times of year!

Telluride 4th of July

Wet-n-Wild Las Vegas :: LV Summer Playground for 2016



Wet-n-Wild is Las Vegas’ summer playground for 2016! We were invited guests at one of the hottest water parks in town before the summer crowds make their way into the park. My family does not opt for Season Passes as Wet-nWild Las Vegas is across town from where we live, and we also have a pretty jammed packed schedule every summer between summer camp and traveling. But, we make the effort to take the kids at least one time over the summer. Here’s some ideas on how to utilize your time wisely at Wet-n-Wild this summer!

Option 1: The Cabana Route

The cabana worked great for us this visit because we brought the twins (5 years old) for the first time. I also had my son and his friend, both 12, and my daughter, 10, along for the ride. I was a little hesitant at first thinking we wouldn’t use the cabana as much because the kids would want to be on the rides. I was also worried all of our time would be spent waiting in the lines to get on the rides. I was wrong on both accounts. Since we were there mid-May, the park’s operating hours only happened on the weekends, meaning smaller crowds, meaning non-existent lines. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees, but honestly, a bit too cold for my littles, and they kept asking where the hot tub was.  We walked right onto rides, several times, throughout the day. The only line we waited more than 2 minutes in was for the Royal Flush. The Tornado was not opened that day, or I suspect there would have been a line for that as well. I also requested a cabana by the Paradise Falls, which is the kid’s area- full of slides and water guns and a giant dumping bucket, all designed for the smaller set. I felt comfortable enough for my twins to go down the slides on their own while I watched at the bottom and their older siblings escorted them around. (They are also strong swimmers.) There is another area with much smaller slides and less excitement near the Paradise Falls cabanas, meant for toddlers, but the twins also enjoyed those slides, mainly because the water was the warmest. There are also cabanas located around Red Rock Bay (the wave pool), but I am not a fan of that attraction, especially when I’m the only adult present. We were quite happy with the location at Paradise Falls, and having the cabana was great to let them have some downtime and get out of the sun for a bit, and also warm up with towels and cuddles. Cabana Check-In Tips: Get there early. Cabana Check-in, Groups Check-in and Season Pass purchasing is all done in the same place. The line can be long and slow depending on how many employees they have working that area. We were there on a slow day, and we had two large groups ahead of us just buying their Season Passes. My kids were growing wrestless, especially the twins, and luckily, I was able to get assistance on a cabana ASAP because I asked. You will be given a small piece of paper indicating your cabana number, and each person in your party must have a wristband indicating permittance into the cabana area. Cabana amenities include a complimentary pitcher of ice water, cups and napkins and a little fruit container that fed all 5 kids. You can also order food and drinks to be delivered to your cabana. We did not, but, we did grab some of our fave treats, dipping dots, and brought them back to hang out. The twins enjoyed people watching from behind our cabana as floaters went along the Colorado Cooler (aka: lazy river). The cabana is set up with 2 lounge chairs, 4 chairs and a table, offers plenty of shade, and good service. We were checked on frequently by our Cabana host and there is also a button you can push to get their attention when service is needed. Towels, sunblock, and safe are not available in the cabana. The canvas closures only close about halfway in front, so there is not total privacy or security, but there are lockers and bathrooms/changing rooms available inside the park. I did not notice any ceiling fans and/or misters inside our cabana, and we did not need them that day. However, I can only imagine how hot it might get inside the canvas walls without some kind of ventilation or misting system to help keep it cooler during summer temps.

wetnwild las vegas cabana

Option 2: Lockers and Express Bands

In summers past, I would take my two oldest to Wet-n-Wild. I would spring for the Express Bands and grab a locker. We would be in and out of the park within 4 hours. If we wanted to stay longer, we would, of course, but my kiddos were usually spent at about that time. I also did not have the twins with me, so this system worked well because it was convenient and fast. The Express Bands is one of the things Wet-n-Wild does right. Personally, I lose my patience quickly standing in the hot sun, on the hot concrete with my kids crying and complaining and hanging on me making me even hotter and sweatier while waiting the 20 minutes to get on a 1-minute ride. So, in my world, the cost for the Express Bands is well, well, worth it. There are two options of Express Bands; Standard Express ($20) and Premium Express ($30), the difference is in the amount of times you have to wait for each ride. They work much like the new magic bands at Disney World (not Land…they are still lame and only have Fast Passes). You walk up to a machine, pick the ride you want to go on, wave your Express Band, push a few buttons, and voila! You are now waiting in line without waiting in line. So, say you want to ride the Tornado. You use your Express Band to “get in line”. Your wait time pops up on your band, say, 8 minutes. During those 8 minutes, you can grab a snack, go potty, hit up the Red Rock Bay, Colorado Cooler, Paradise Falls, then, oh, look, our time is up! Head back over to the Tornado, walk into the Express Band line, and grab your float. See? So easy. The lockers are also super easy and quick and large enough to hold the three towels, sunblock, changes of clothes and water bottles we would need for the day. Depending on the size you need, the lockers range from $9-$12. Upon renting a locker, you will get a wristband that you wave in front of a sensor and like magic, your locker pops open.  The locker area is shaded, and also located near the restrooms/changing rooms. I highly recommend this option if looking to get through the park in a few short hours.

wetnwildlv dipping dots

Other Cool Stuff to Know

Wet-n-Wild Las Vegas offers a plethora of other family-focused activities during the season like Dive-In Movies and concerts, with plenty of reasons to make it a whole day and night time experience. There are half day entry fees as well for the late afternoons, Season Dining Plans and VIP cabana rentals. Season Pass holders also have lots of benefits like buddy passes and discounts on pretty much everything- I was asked the whole day every time we bought something if I was a VIP or Gold member. Great rides that also include the Slideboarding– an interactive gaming ride combining skills and thrills inside the Zip, Zap, Zoom slides (the green one).

wetnwild lvsummerplayground

Taking Littles and Ride Info

I thought the twins were the perfect age to start riding the rides. They tend to be little thrill seekers, one more than the other, but nonetheless, I figured they were ready. They met the day with excitement, but after their first ride, The Constrictor, they became nervous and a bit scared. They didn’t want to go “in the dark” or “too fast”. I’m not sure if it was the water element that threw them off, and also, the water is cold, really cold. After a trip in the Colorado Cooler and floating in Red Rock Bay, they were ready to tackle the rides again. The Desert Racers I thought they would love, but I had to go back and fetch them from the bottom, and the attendant at the top had to convince them to go down. I thought they went when I said, “Go!”, but that wasn’t the case. Just good to have in mind if you’re bringing first timers to the park. The water is cold, some of the slides are dark and fast which can be scary for newbies. The twins are 43″ tall, so they were able to ride most rides. Those under 46″ tall have to wear a life jacket in the Red Rock Bay, which I am totally fine with- in fact, I make my older ones wear a life jacket or instruct them to stay on a float (can you tell I’m a bit paranoid with this ride- I worked at the old Wet-n-Wild on the strip, I know the horror stories). The other ride factor most people don’t think about is the weight requirement, and let me tell you, it’s a total bummer when you walk a l l t h e w a y to the top of the ride to find out you and your riding partner(s) don’t weigh enough. It happens. There is a scale at the top, that blinks either green or red to indicate if you made it (no numbers!). Honestly, I think that scale should be at the bottom of the ride so there is no guessing. Fortunately, most rides with a weight requirement have an alternative ride on the same platform with no weight requirement in case you hit a red light. All of this is reminding to tell you about entering the park. There is a lifeguard on hand right at the entrance, along with a measuring stick determining who is tall enough for what. Once the height has been established, they will provide your child with the proper colored wristband. This makes it easier when getting in lines for the rides as the heights requirements are color coded to the wrist bands. One thing I love about the rides is they end on the slide…there is no deep pool to drop into, so when one of the twins had to ride with my daughter, I felt better knowing they could both easily stand up to exit safely.

wet n wild las vegas

OK! Enjoy your visit to the park, and hashtag your fun times with #LVSummerPlayground on Facebook and Instagram! 

Disclaimer: My family and I were invited guests of Wet-n-Wild Las Vegas. We were provided a full day cabana and entry into the park in exchange for this review. All thoughts, word, opinions are always my own.