We Make It Through The Rain and The Snow Since There’s Somewhere to Go…

Oh, I know some of you are having the weirdest and coldest winters of your lives these last few weeks. I can attest that even Vegas is no different. Most people think Vegas has one season- which basically it does, HOT. But remember, we are a desert with extreme weather patterns: very hot, very cold. Spring and Fall usually last somewhere between 2-4 weeks. But these last few weeks have been so wild! In 24-hours it will be blue skies, then gray, then hail, then snow, then rain, then blue skies again. What’s a girl to do? We headed to So Cal (during a time when it was sunny and warm!) and did the Disney thing.

Most of us from the West side of the country can do Disneyland with our eyes closed and one hand tied behind our backs. And, as much as I love sharing the Disney experience with my kids, we are all getting older- including mom- and I want a nice bar in my lobby with good wine, comfy sheets and towels, and a decent coffee bar within walking distance of the nearest park gate. Ah…and delicious dining options helps. Let’s not kid each other, Disney’s 5-star is more about convenience and ambiance, not the comfort creatures that this compression sock + nike tennis shoes wearing, can’t do backpacks because my shoulders hurt mama craves. But guess what? I found it. IN ANAHEIM. At the Westin Anaheim. (more below)

We also had an opportunity to take a VIP Tour. The guided 7-hour tour through Disneyland and California Adventure allows you to “Skip the Line” so to speak. And, yes, we got on all the rides, and yes, it was still exhausting. But we also had VIP seating for the 100th Celebration of Disney Fireworks display, and honestly, that made it all worth it. The VIP tour can be quite pricey based on the time of year you are booking, but it does come with benefits. We can chat more about your personal Disney trip and if the VIP tour is right for you.

We had the chance to ride Splash Mountain for the last time (over and over again) before it closes permanently for its Princess Tiana make-over. We rode the new Mickey and Minnie’s RunAway Railway. And, of course Rise of the Resistance. We even went straight to the front of Peter Pan. But most importantly, I was able to spend time with one of my besties, her mom, and her kids, along with my mom and my kids. Good fun and priceless memories, which is what it is all about after all.