You guys…I just returned from the most amazing 4-day weekend yoga retreat in Baja Mexico with some of the most influential women I’ve met. I’m not talking famous actors, New York Times authors, or CEO Boss Babes for Fortune 500 companies (I mean, they could have been, but honestly, we didn’t get that far). I’m talking about women, similar in age, like minded, moms and wives who run small businesses, who run the company, who serve in their community, and who kick-ass at running their homes and families. It was physically challenging, spiritually moving, and insightfully connecting. We did yoga twice a day for 4 days. We bathed in an hour of sound of chimes and gongs at sunset. We practiced gratitude and forgiveness. We thanked ourselves and each other for being present. Then we ate some of the most delicious and healthiest Mexican food and sipped Mezcalitas. We shopped, surfed, walked along the beach, watched the whales swim and play in the sunshine in the sea that expanded as far as our eyes could see. We lounged by the pool and caught up on our reading. We soaked up the sun (maybe a bit too much). We stayed up way too late by the fire telling captivating stories about our lives. And people listened. We laughed so hard our abs got a workout. Oh, and I got to spend 5 uninterrupted days with one of my BFFS! We went home feeling connected and inspired. And we all met each other just 4- days before, many for the first time. In fact, we were having such a great time, that one of my 12-year olds responded to my Instagram story with, “I’m starting to think you are not actually doing yoga.”

I always try to take one thing from my experiences away and build it into my everyday life at home, as a reminder that I am a person who needs mental, physical and spiritual connection to keep my soul going. Life is heavy, and sometimes we get caught up in the motions. Little things like a new coffee ritual from Havana, or hitting up my local farmer’s market to inspire me to cook more, or sipping a really great wine from South Africa…remind me that this is just one part of me and who I am. I am more than a mom. More than a Travel Advisor. More than a wife. These little things help me lighten my load a bit.

The last few days, I have been playing this Spotify playlist by Courtney Harris (our fearless yoga leader) every morning after I drop my kiddos to school. It is quiet in my house. I like quiet. But music can keep us connected to ourselves and moments. I loved my time in Mexico with my impromptu tribe and a yoga teacher who was so dialed into what her yogis needed. I am sharing her playlist so maybe it will help take you away to that special place mentally and help lighten your load daily.