A startling reality hit me when I was at the SITS Girls Bloggy Boot Camp Conference in Las Vegas earlier this October. 1 out of 10 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Why was it so startling? Because as I sat there with my 10 girlfriends at the table, one of us had to stand up. In a room full of women, with 20 tables, one woman from every table of 10 was asked to stand up. There is a lump in my throat even thinking about it right now. Though my friends, they are also daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, mothers, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, and cousins. They play a significant role in not only their own lives, but in the lives of others. Could you imagine one of your ten friends or family members, or even yourself, having to go through this life altering illness? Praying every day for a recovery and not the imminent.

As I watched the Ford Warriors in Pink documentary, Bang the Drum, I had to think about who I knew that had been diagnosed with breast cancer. A friend of a friend, a cousin’s girlfriend’s mom- I couldn’t think off the top of my head how it had affected me in any way directly. I couldn’t think about how it affected me. I’m sure most people don’t until it actually happens to them or someone they love. But watching that documentary really got me thinking. It doesn’t have to affect me personally in to do something about it. To make some noise about this disease and how its non-discriminatory tirade affects anyone, including men. One story that stood out to me was a gentleman talking about how his family all went to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in New York City. He stayed behind. They walked for him. There are races and walks to participate in, pink ribbons to sport, and changing of national landmarks and recognized branding to pink are constant reminders of how quickly our lives can change, but we don’t have to take it lying down.

The Ford Warriors in Pink program is designed to build a community of survivors, patients and connected loved ones who are encouraged to stand up, find courage and don’t back down from Breast Cancer. I love how Tina Herold, one of the Warriors, spoke at the SITS conference with confidence. She wasn’t afraid to tell us; she wasn’t afraid to talk about it; and she wasn’t going to leave that room until we all understood the impact of this disease. She made one out of ten of us stand up to prove her point.

“To me the word ‘warrior’ is that inner strength, that inner courage; you just rise up and say, ‘OK, cancer, let’s go.’”

The Ford Motor Company designed and developed the 11 Warriors to spread their knowledge and inspiration about living with breast cancer either in their own personal lives or in those around them. You can be a Warrior, too. Make your mark, Bang your drum, Show your pink! The Warriors in Pink collection offers many options to add to your wardrobe, especially during the month of October. The selection of pieces also seem amenable to anyone who is living with breast cancer and undergoing treatments right now.  My favorite is the Warriors in Pink scarf.

Over the weekend, I was fortunate to celebrate with a colleague her 4th anniversary of being clean from breast cancer. Our tribe sported pink ribbons during our girl’s weekend in her honor.

When the conference was over we were graciously given a Warriors in Pink scarf. I offered it to my aunt who was celebrating her birthday that same day. Immediately, she looked at the package and asked, “Is this the Ford Warriors in Pink scarf?”. I was surprised she had even heard of it. After I confirmed her suspicion she told me how happy she was to get it. Every year she walks in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in honor of a friend’s mother who passed away from Breast Cancer. Every year she buys the scarf to support the Breast Cancer Foundation. This year, due to a scheduling conflict, she was not able to participate, and had not bought the scarf. She put it on right away with pride, showing her support, even though her friend wasn’t there.

I didn’t realize I was surrounded by so many models of courage in the fight against breast cancer. It affects all of us. In some way. Even me.


This October, Ford Warriors in Pink® has launched its first ever produced documentary, “Bang the Drum: Living Out Loud in the Face of Breast Cancer.” The film honors 11 men and women breast cancer survivors who have demonstrated strength and courage in their battle with its “Models of Courage” program. 2012 marks Ford Motor Company’s 18th year of support for the breast cancer cause. In that time, Ford has dedicated more than $115 million to the breast cancer cause.

You too can get involved in this tremendously worthy program! When you buy Ford Warriors in Pink apparel at fordcares.com, 100 percent of the net proceeds go directly to support breast cancer awareness all year long.

To keep connected, be sure to check out Ford Warriors in Pink on Facebook and follow@WarriorsinPink on Twitter.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ford Warriors in Pink. The opinions and text are all mine.