I have discovered a wonderful place to dine with your kids in Las Vegas, especially if you are a fan of Willy Wonka. Max Brenner, aka: Chocolate by the Bald Man, opened a location in the Forum Shops at Caeser’s Palace a few years ago. Though, this was our first time trying the remarkably fun and deliciously exciting cafe!

My daughter was overwhelmed with choices of candy goodness upon opening her menu. A selection of breakfast and lunch/dinner options, as well as drinks and dessert, made for one happy child. She settled on the sliders which are served with waffle-cut fries sprinkled with, what else? Cocoa powder. She was also given a tiny silicone brush to paint the ketchup on her burgers.

Drink selection was a whole other dilemma- for both of us! What to choose? What to choose? From milkshakes, to frappes, to hot and iced beverages…you can add your own shots of chocolate, or none at all. As the a waitress reminded my daughter frequently, “There are no rules here! just have fun!” My little chocolate princess was A-OK with that!

Max Brenner Las Vegas

She chose the Make Your Own Hot Chocolate, and me, an Iced Mocha with a shot of dark chocolate. The Hot Chocolate was served on the most interactive tray I’ve ever seen. The mug is kid-sized, with an opening at the top to pour in your milk and add your chocolate. An opening at the bottom made room for a small tea-light which kept the milk warm and the chocolate melted. A crazy cool metal spoon was delivered to scoop, stir and sip. It kept my daughter entertained while we waited for our meals, and gave my husband and I an opportunity to actually chat on a lunch date!

My Iced Mocha was served in the Alice Mug- a uniquely shaped glass with an Alice in Wonderland storyline. The side of the glass demands, “Drink Me,” just like in the story. The straw is slipped down into the “Rabbit’s Hole”  and upon turning the glass towards you, the sly grin of the Cheshire Cat greets you as you sip down this delectable concoction.

Ah! Dessert! Too many choices! Princess of Chocolate just couldn’t take it any more…she had been eyeing the syringe full of chocolate at the boutique (located inside the cafe), and when the waitress asked if she would like one served on a tray surrounded by gummy bears, I thought she was going to jump out of her seat. Maybe she did.

I have to add Max Brenner’s to my list of RockStarMom recommended places to dine in Las Vegas with your kids. The menu selections were perfect- even for the pickiest eaters, and they are great for mom and dad. My husband had a Huevos Rancheros wrap, and I a BLT of sorts. Both were delicious. The restaurant is also very interesting to look at and explore, which keeps the kiddos happy and distracted while waiting for food. The staff was quite pleasant and service was fast. The chef even came out and asked us how our meals were. We are taking the kids to New York in December, and Max Brenner’s is definitely on our list of places to eat. Our son will love it!

Max Brenner Las Vegas

RSMLV Tips: 

Max Brenner is located in what us locals refer to as “The old part of the Forum Shops”. Unless you don’t mind the walk from one end of the Forum Shops to the other, then I would suggest valet parking at the “old valet” which is actually underground. The escalator will take you near Spago’s, which you then will head towards the left (when facing the mall). Max Brenner is directly across from H&M.

Reservations are suggested. At lunch on a Monday we had no problem walking in, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially with little ones.

Breakfast is served until 3pm Monday-Friday, and brunch is served until 3pm Saturday and Sunday.