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This week I’m loving the fact that the city is filled with art. Really. There is an entire Arts District Downtown, tons of Visual Arts line the streets of Fremont and Las Vegas Boulevard, the lobbies, restaurants and hotels are full of pieces and there are a few galleries that house amazing works by renown artists throughout centuries and decades. Think Las Vegas has no culture? Think again.

One of my favorite art galleries is the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. The intimate gallery houses visiting exhibits throughout the year with historical artists like Van Gough, Picasso, Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keefe. Currently, Claude Monet: Impressions of Light, is running now through January 2013. A serene escape from the loudness of the casinos and place to quiet your mind a bit. The BGFA partners with established museum programs throughout the United States and the world to bring impressive collections to the Las Vegas community. General Admission is $15 for 12+, and standard discounts apply (teacher, student, resident, military).

RSMLV Tips: Strollers are not permitted in the museum, neither are photos or video, and the museum does not have a place to store these items. Next time you are in town, check the calendar listing for the Art & Wine event that happens monthly.

The Cosmopolitan is full of eye-candy l’objects d’art throughout the entire property. From the visually engaging video towers in the lobby to the mid-century inspired Art-o-mat vending machines in the halls to the uber contemporary fixtures like hot pink chandeliers and gigantic high-heeled shoes, your eyes won’t be able to take it all in with just one visit. This on-going showcase of contemporary art was developed in partnership with the New York City’s Art Production Fund.

RSMLV Tips: You really just can’t get enough of this visually stimulating resort. Take the time to leisurely stroll through different parts of the hotel, restaurants, pools and banquet rooms. There is art everywhere! Challenge yourself to find something new with each visit. See for yourself by clicking this video of Evalyn Daniel-Putnam’s quick guided tour of  3D art exhibits at The Cosmopolitan.

Aria Las Vegas and City Center house one of the most extensive art walks in the city. The pieces combined make up the first major permanent collection of art in Las Vegas to be integrated into a public space. What I truly {heart} about the space and resorts that make up City Center is how once on property, I feel transformed into the heart of a major cosmopolitan city. Not only is dining ans shopping a major player in that, but the idea of interacting with the pieces in a non-gallery setting feels almost as though I’m walking through a sculpture garden in Paris. Between paintings, sculptures, and architecture, the City Center Fine Art Collection is made up of 15 acclaimed artists and visionaries pieces made accesible to the public.

RSMLV Tips: Download the free CityCenter Fine Art Collection app on your smart phone for a self-guided tour. While you’re at it, check out these other free Las Vegas apps to plan out your visit.


Photo image from www.theartsfactory.com

You can’t talk about Art in Vegas without mentioning the bustling Downtown Arts District that has been demanding attention from art communities around the world. It’s a funky little piece of Las Vegas that gives off a distinctive vibe like no other that you won’t find anywhere else in the Valley. Just off Fremont Street you’ll find The Beat Coffee Shop where you can sip true barista-style espresso drinks and delicious food while listening to vinyl records playing on a record player overlooking the mixed crowd of tourists, lost locals and hipster artists, and is located below the Emergency Arts building. Further up off Main is the  heart of the Arts District, the Arts Factory, where you will find cool cafes, antique shops, galleries, boutique style thrift shops and a groovy little yoga studio, Blue Sky Yoga.

RSMLV Tips: If you are in town on a first Friday of the month, be sure to plan a trip to the First Friday Las Vegas community celebration in the Arts District. A family friendly place where the community comes together to celebrate food, music and art. If you are looking to enjoy some public art in a large open space, stop by Symphony Park at The Smith Center. For some Southwestern eats and cool architectural views, pop into Mundo at the World Market, and snap a shot of the Cleveland Clinic Larry Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

World Market Center in Downtown Las Vegas

While some of the galleries do charge a fee to view the exhibits, most of the art in Las Vegas is in public space, and doesn’t cost a thing. It makes for an interesting stroll and educational experience all at once. And you can totally rock the art scene with or without your little entourage!

See! This is why I {heart} Las Vegas!