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As much as I love the romantic vision of not having to get kids to bed, wake up, lunches made, homework done and off to school on-time routine in the morning, the reality is that it just adds another notch in my stress level of how I’m going to keep 4 kids entertained all summer without losing my sanity! Summer camp sign-ups are complete- yes, even the twinners are going, don’t judge. We’ve planned our stay down in Dana Point. I’ve ordered the water toys for the backyard. All that’s left is to get our actual planned vacation confirmed and organized. Vacation, you say? Why, yes. If you did not know much about me, you should know this. I LOVE TO TRAVEL. And, I’ve decided that even having 4 kids is not going to slow me down. Now it’s all a matter of learning how to do it with 4 kids!

First thing’s first, though…we have travelled pretty extensively with the twins, enduring several road trips with them as infants to Williams, AZ for Polar Express, Telluride, CO for 4th of July, and several times back and forth to Dana Point and Disney, we also know when too much is too much. Like trying to put all 4 of our kids on a plane across country, especially with the little guys being under 2. Not. Going. To. Happen. So my husband and I made a pack to start traveling with them by plane after they turn 2, until then, the big kids get to fly. Our last family vacation took us to Washington, D.C., which was such a great trip! The next vacation is taking us to a place my husband and I have been wanting to take the kids to since they were born. Disney World.

It’s not so much that it’s Disney World*, but the fact that we will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and taking my son on the Wild Africa Trek. If you know my son, you will know his obsession with animals has existed since he could talk. He is a huge fan of all of them, especially giraffes, and I’m pretty sure he is going to pee his pants when he finds out we are going. That’s right…they don’t know yet. Something else I’ve always wanted to do was to surprise the kiddos with, “Guess where we are going?” and put it on video. And, you get to witness it, too!  Disney World has generously offered to have my family experience Disney World and the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and because of their generosity, I will be documenting my trip from beginning to end, right here on RockStarMomLV. This will be the End of School Year Gift for them on Friday. My husband and I are so excited to tell them! Speaking of husband, unfortunately, he will not be able to join us on this trip, so my mother has graciously offered to accompany us. It will be a great memory for all of us!

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Now, to get geared up for this amazing adventure, there are a few things I’ve been researching, and thought I would share with you, in hopes it will help you survive summer travel with your kids!

Stressed about Airline Security with the kids? Stand By Traveling Mom, Chris Bird, takes us through the Family Lane Makes Airport Security a Breeze , while Memories Traveling Mom, Connie DeMille, shares Tips for Getting Through Airport Security.

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OK! Now get packing! And, make sure to follow along on my Disney World adventures with the kids this summer on FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter!


*I must disclose that Disney World has provided me and my family a vacation to the Disney World Resort via my affiliation with TravelingMom. All thoughts and words are 100% my own.