Here’s another great family movie for Movie Night, Delhi Safari, available today, April 16th, on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Stella+Oliver was asked to receive a copy of the film and review it. Oliver jumped at the opportunity. As an avid animal lover, and especially one who enjoys films about animals in the wild, Delhi Safari was right up his ally. I loved it because it featured some of my favorite actors as Voice Talent: Jane Lynch (TV’S Glee, Wreck-It Ralph), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, Pirahna 3D, Snowmen), Vanessa Williams (TV’s 666 Park Avenue, TV’s Desperate Housewives, TV’s Ugly Betty), Cary Elwes (No Strings Attached, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter), Brad Garrett (Hoodwinked Too!, Tangled, Night at the Museum films), Jason Alexander (HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld).

Here’s the synopsis of the story:

A wacky pack of mismatched animals takes on the human race as they travel to the big city to protest the destruction of their jungle. How can a leopard cub and his mother, a peace-loving bear, a mischievous monkey, and a wisecracking parrot present their ideas to a bunch of humans? You’ll find out in this hilarious and heart-warming adventure that will have you cheering at the end.

And, here’s what Oliver had to say:

This movie is basically about a group of animals who set out to help humanity from taking their homes away. Trust that once you watch this story, you will find a special place in your heart for the forest the animals live in. I recommend this movie because it will teach your kids to never give up. If your kids love adventures and animals, this is something that will have them interested for like 2 hours.

OK, well, at least he gets we sometimes use movies as way to keep our little ones entertained for a few hours.  I appreciate a movie that has an underlying theme and introduces our children to topics that we don’t discuss every single day…like conservation of both the planet and the creatures who live here. Check out the trailer to decide if it’s a good fit for your family:

Director: Nikhil Advani      Distributor: ARC Entertainment 

Stella+Oliver did receive a copy of the Delhi Safari DVD to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.